Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend's Over!

Weekend is over and back to my blog. Actually, I did write, but my computer coughed and I lost what I had written. I didn't have the energy to repeat myself, so thought I'd take a break for the weekend.

Saturday, we met Martin and went to the White Spot Resturant for eggs bennie...delicious! Martin and Tom came home to work on Tom's computer and I went off to the mall. Soon as I walked in, I met one of my Red Hat friends, and one of my favourite gals there, and she was glad to see me, so we went for a coffee at Tim Hortons. We talked about my trip (she works at the pier where the cruise boats come in and helps the people get aboard the ship). She showed me all the fantastic buys she got at all the stores having great sales. So, off we went after our coffee to look around together and entice each other into buying. Funny, when one is all excited about the sales, and what they found, it get's the other into the mood for buying...and I did!! I bought a really nice sweater with cats on it. But we had fun and it was fun to shop with her.

Martin and Tom were still working but closing up on working on computers when I came home. Toms printer just wouldn't work from my computer, so we just left it. I'll send all my things I want printed to Tom's email and he can print from there. However, after Martin left, I closed off my computer and later in the evening when I went to check my email, my computer just couldn't find the network. I just had to shut it off and hopefully between Martin on the phone the next day and Tom operating it, that it would begin to work again. Well, here I am, so it worked!

Yesterday, the sun came out!!! Yippeee!! We had planned on going to the movies in the afternoon, but Tom's cold had taken a turn for the worst and he could hardly get out of bed, but I finally got him up and into the shower and let the steam do it's work at clearing out his chest.

He had breakfast, and felt much better. Boy, men are sure babies and soooo demanding when they are sick! I thought things got better with least some things!

So, the show was out of the question, so, I took the dog for a walk, came home and we watched tv and drank tea, and just relaxed. Had an early dinner...sheppards pie and salad, and then, I had my bath and went to bed to sit and watch the finale of The Amazing Race. I was glad the two I had picked to win, did win. The Oriental dad and daughter were great, but they looked like they already had lots of money and this other couple didn't. Lights out, fell asleep!!!

Pretty boring post eh!! I have to be in the writing mood to write "good letters", and I guess, I'm not in that mood at the moment. I have the bed all pulled apart and I just heard the dryer shut off, so I guess, I'm just anxious to get the bed made up, so I can go lay in it!!

Today was to be the beginning of my New Years Resolution and go to the gym and do the treadmill and exercise machines and also swim laps. But I wanted to get rid of all the cold germs off the sheets and pillowcases from our hacking and coughing. So, the sun is shining today and it's warm out today, so I'll walk this afternoon. I think we may go to see "The Bucket List" tonight.

I hope everyone is having a great day. Thanks for the comment Lisa, it's fun to get them and see someone is reading these things.

Picture of the day: Our towel elephant! Every night, when we came back to the cabin there would be a neat little animal made out of towels on our bed. Always different and so cute. Also our bed turned down and a chocolate on our pillow. The only thing they didn't do is tuck us in!!!

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