Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hello again on Wednesday! I'm sitting here watching Oprah talking about "FEEGANS", people who are dumpster divers, who go out to grocery store and bakery's at night and look for perfectly good food that is thrown out. It's amazing what they collect and how they live free. Perfectly packaged food, and clothes and furniture, and these people are doctors and engineers, and people who can afford these things, however they just can't stand to see good food just being tossed, when there is nothing wrong with it. Especially when things are so expensive and people are starving and this stuff just ends up in landfills. The stores can't give it away because of various rules and regulations preventing them to. It's really quite amazing! I can't see myself doing it, but sure admire those that have the gumption to do it and admit it. It's amazing the waste we throw away and then they show those poor children on TV that are starving.
They are also talking about a woman who has three children and no husband, so to make money she makes money working in a strip club at night. Now, I REALLY can't see myself doing that!!!! Not only would I be boo'd and laughed off the stage, but I am very modest in showing my body to even my husband! So.....see that little creature at the top of my page in her housecoat and fuzzy slippers....well, that's my night life! My housecoat is blue too, and I'm pretty well the same shape and when I saw it, it really rang a bell for me....that's me!!! Sitting with my tea and watching tv. The only thing missing is the computer on my lap! I am so fortunate to be able to live the wonderful life that I do and not have to worry about making money at this time in my life to survive. I love to people watch and wonder what people do and what kind of lives they have. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to have some sort of power to see what their lives are like. It could be entertaining and also heartbreaking as well eh?

Today, I cleaned out under the bathroom sink and threw out tons of stuff, and it still looks cluttered! Cleaned the house, and then we went off to visit with friend that we were suppose to visit yesterday and forgot, until they called wondering where we were! How embarrassing!!
Dropped off Tom's overdue library book and on home we came. Now, I'm faced with "what's for supper!" I should have checked the dumpster downstairs before we came up! Kidding, kidding!

I'm putting on her a link that I hope you will copy and put in your browser to have a look at the beautiful birthday card my sister made for me. She is incredible and took so much time to make it, and I love it, and would love to share it, so I don't know if it will just open when you click on it, or if you have to copy and paste in browser but go check it out. It's wonderful and brings back so many great memories.

Vancouver today is dreary and light rain and just not pretty at all. Lots of ships sitting anchored out on the Ocean, waiting for high tide to move into the Vancouver port, to unload their cargo. I can see them from where I sit. I can count 7 of them. I can also see the plane taxi, going back and forth to Victoria. They start about 7 am with commuters making their way to work on the Mainland.
Well, that's it for today. Have a great night!

Picture of the day: On the pier at the end of our street. The beach behind me is one busy spot in the warm weather. People sun bathing, swimming and the boat launch is very busy.

PS. I don't know why there is such a large space to the comment section. I just haven't figured out all the tricks to this place, but I'm trying to figure it out and going to other blogs for tips, so one of these days, I'll get it right. I am getting the comments that you leave (some of you). They come right to my mailbox now, so I can answer you back. So, scroll down, until you find it and please leave even just a hello, so I know who is so kind to be reading this. Thanks... Go wayyyyy down!

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  1. Very impressive card from Roxanne!!!!........some pictures one could almost feel the fun you guys have when you're together. Too bad you couldn't carry that card in your purse so you can show EVERYONE as it is really a brag card!!! Thanks for sharing it.


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