Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sitting here waiting and thinking

Well, here I sit, waiting on Tom to get back from the Chiropractor's and he's also suppose to bring me home a pound of shortening, so I can make the dough for the butter tarts, I'm making.
I have the computer on my lap and just sitting staring at it and listening to music, and wishing he'd hurry up, so I can continue with things I have to do today.

I have the filling all made, just need to make the dough....the most miserable part. In the meantime while waiting, I made him his batch of biscotti's that he just can't face a morning without!! When the biscotti jar we have is empty, he sets it in the middle of the counter with the lid on it upside down! Huge hint for me to get baking! But, he's taking so darn long....where the heck did he go!! I have other things to do, like clean out under the bathroom sink, which is a disaster with mostly my junk....makeup and curling irons and all that sort of stuff. I bought two lovely containers with see through drawers yesterday, with the intention of making it all organized and neat under there, and I know as soon as I start that job, he'll walk in with the shortening! Geeze, I could have cleaned the whole house waiting for him to come back, but figured he'd be back within the hour. What the heck are they doing to him over there, cracking every bone in his body??

So, I sit, here staring at the computer and decided to write my blog early with just what is on my mind at the moment, as I sit here with my mind everywhere in space. So this could really skip around as my mind does.
First thing I was thinking about was the curse of big boobs! Yeah...that's where my mind is at the moment. Why? Because the other day, I bought two new bra's, one with underwire, the other on sale for $9.00, so couldn't pass that one up. The underwire was expensive and hurts under my arms where it digs in and the top where the cleavage is, sticks out! Between my boobs and my feet, I've gone through life, with total exasperation about all 4 of them!! Now, this $9.00 bra, that I put on this morning instantly transformed me into two torpedoes! I guess, that's where my thoughts on this subject began this morning. I just glanced down and these two pointed appendages were pointed north...only because I'm sitting facing north, so of course it would be north, but they look like big honking signs....Go North!! Then I got thinking, how when my grandson Matt was small, and sitting on my knee, he had a drink in one hand and a piece of cheese in the other. He wanted to set one of them down to pick up something, and so looked around for a place to put his cheese, and set it on the ledge of my breast!! I mean...come on!!!
Now, I notice Tom will hand me the TV remote when he's relinquishing it to me, and I'm busy on the computer, so where does he set it down....yup on my breast ledge!! I mean, I know they have many purposes (well, maybe I can think of two), but a shelf to set things on!! Give me a break!!

Gosh, have to take those two Christmas decorations down that I missed when putting things away after Christmas. They've become part of the furniture....stay with me..my mind is wandering. Gee I love that old county music that we get on the TV. Tom goes for classical stuff, but I can only stand it for about 10 minutes. Some I like and I fell in love with the Classical Strings that was on our cruise. Man, where they good!!! But old Willie Nelson, I just love listening to him.....On the road again, just can't wait to get on that road again.....love it!

Oh oh...here comes my husband..will have to put this and my thoughts on hold until I make the tart shells. BRB.

Well, I'm back and I'm tired and kinda bitchy. I can't stand and cook and bake like I once could and my heart is never fully in it anymore, so even though, I do my best, it's never what it once would turn out like. I used to have my grandmothers tart pans that were handed down to me and then Lisa got them. They were wonderful for cooking the tarts and had rounded bottoms with groves in them. I bet they've made 100's of tarts over the years and the pans were black from use. Yes....I washed them each time, it was just good old cooking that made them black.

Tom comes in finally, with not only the shortening, but also something for me to make him for lunch! The kitchen looks like a bomb hit with flour everywhere and he wants me to cook him lunch!

I felt like turning my torpedo's at him and going ah aha hahahaha like a machine gun! So, I finally got finished baking, have it 1/2 cleaned up and made his lunch, just sat down to eat and a friend calls, wondering where we are. We were suppose to be at their place this afternoon. Apparently, I said we'd be there today, but I don't remember it being said that way. So, I apologized and they were gracious enough to say to come tomorrow instead. I felt so bad, but also very glad, I didn't have to get ready and go up for a visit today. I'm covered in flour and my hair and makeup never got done today. And my earrings....good Lord, I don't have those on either!!
Ahhh, how can I ever get mad at this husband of mine. He's so sweet, he just out of the blue thanked me for making his lunch and for all the baking I did and acknowledged how much work it was. I've never been thanked for doing that kind of thing before!!! He's so wonderful, I regret now the shooting torpedo's at him!
Oh yeah...I mentioned the other problem besides my boobs...my feet!!! I have toes like fingers, long and thin. Why God made me with thin toes and the rest of me fat, is beyond me. I'll have to ask him that, if hopefully, I get to see him one day. My second toe is longer then the big toe! By quite a lot!! It's impossible to get shoes to fit right without making me cringe with each step. I can't wear sandals because that toe hangs over the edge of the shoe. I've thought of having them cut off shorter, but I think of those shears making that crunching cut, and I chicken out!!
Lynn, who I worked with, had one of those days we were dogging it, and got into one of our ridiculous but hilarious conversations, said if we ever got deserted on an island, and she had to turn to cannibalism, said, she's skip the toes, they are all bones with no flesh on them!

It's dull out today, no soaking in the sunshine like yesterday. I keep looking at the hosta's I planted in the pots on the balcony, to see if they are shooting out of the soil yet, but so far, they are hiding their little heads. Some bluebells are starting to look healthy and almost ready to do their Spring show.

The condo building here is soon going to be re-decorated with new paint and new carpeting and there is talk of a decorator coming in to suggest this and that. It sure needs an uplift, and can't wait until it's all done. Everyone is tearing their condo's apart to redecorate and the theme seems to be hardwood floors. I like wood floors but still prefer the carpets. Meredith has such a flair or decorating and her house is spectacular with all the modern colours that look great and all blends in. Her small bathroom is painted dark brown with white trim and it's really nice. Every room is nice and as she gets ready to sell her and Dave's place to get married and start of fresh with a new place she has put away knick knacks and things that clutter to the bare minimum. She says's she loves her place better with all that stuff put away. So, I look around here and would love to do the same but I can't bare to part with mom's china flowers and Joan's, Royal Doulton figurines. I went to buy a new bathroom scatter mat the other day and couldn't even make a decision! It just overwhelmed me!! It's very hard to join my taste in things with what is already here, so it makes for a hard choice to change or buy anything different.

Ahhh Linda, quit your complaining!! Take a deep breath and go clean up the kitchen, make another cup of Earl Grey Tea and hopefully Oprah has a good show on. Maybe I'll really relax and take off this pointer and put on my nightgown!!
Enjoy the rest of your day everyone! Thanks for reading!! Note: I wrote that last sentence about an hour ago and when I added this little gif above, instead of it downloading just one, it downloaded about 50 of them. Whenever I add a picture of graphic, I have to re-arrange the whole page which is time consuming and frustrating to get it right again. Then I hit Preview and it comes out perfect. When I hit Publish Post, it comes out all different again, which is why there are sometimes large spaces between what I've written. I need to do some more reading on how to do this.

Okay..One more....to make me re-arrange again one more time!

Picture of the day: This is when I had cancer in my nose and they did what is called Moh's Surgery. I think there were 30 or 40 some stitches in my nose right from between my eyebrows, where the stitches looked like they were done with a sewing machine. It is where they took the skin to make a flap to cover the hole they dug to remove the cancer. They then stitched according to the contours of my nose so that it would blend into shadows. My face was all swollen and my one eye black and blue. ( It looked worse then this about day 4) I look so old and worn out and I can't figure why the puffiness didn't push out the wrinkles!!!
I can't believe I actually published this!!!! It's sooo ugly!!
You have to scroll down for the comment page....don't know what happened.


  1. That was such a hoot to read Linda!! Gonna dream about torpedoes all night.

    Never stop writing this blog - I do so enjoy reading your daily entries; next best thing to seeing you.

    Auntie I

  2. You gives us some great laughs Linda, could just see you with your torpedoes going aaaaat tat tat. I enjoy going to the computer each night and reading your blogs Linda, really great, keep it up please.
    You were making my mouth water with all the baking you were doing,
    Auntie C.

  3. You're hilarious! nutter.
    Sam xoxo


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