Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Actually, I'm not bored, but this picture was to cute to not use! However the animation it in is causing me to have a hard time typing. When I download an animation, I get about 20 of the samething, and have to delete each one, until I get only one. I guess some html code should be written in, but I don't know html, so while the darn cat plays with his toy, I can only type and let it catch up!
My stupid cat is standing outside the open patio door and meowing to get in. He just loves for me to get up off the chair and do a proper invite in while I have the urge to do a little "woops" and send him over the balcony with my foot!

Today is also Ash Wednesday for all us Catholics out there. Are you all walking around with a smudge of ash on your forehead? It's the start of Lent, so Easter can't be far behind.
Today, I woke to the usual pitter patter of rain on the patio door, and right at this moment it's snowing. Half rain, half snow, so when it clears up, there will be a glorious site of the mountians, covered with another layer of snow. Avalanches have been in the news quite often lately. Apparently with all the snow, and this type of weather it makes a snowpack ripe for one to come off the mountains. Our doctor is in Horsehoe Bay, and just beyond that, heading toward Squamish is where the rocks come tumbling down, now and then. It's also the road to Whistler, where the Winter Olympics are being held in 2010. There is lots of construction going on in that area, making a new road, and I hold my breath going past where they have been blasting, and say a little prayer, the rocks stay up where they belong and not on our heads!
Another day, not gone to the gym!! A friend was suppose to come over, so I waited for her but she didn't come or phone to say she wasn't coming, so I started to put some things in the cupboard, and was running out of space, so before I knew it, I was kitchen cupboard cleaning. I threw out a whole garbage bag of stuff, and only did 3 cupboards of groceries. Stuff, all outdated and stuff that's been in there BL..before Linda! Tom had gone to get a haircut and I must say, he looks very handsome and if he could respond to this, he'd say "I know!"
Then I started in on the big hall closet, but didn't get very far. I just don't know what to do with half the stuff!! So, threw out some cookbooks and some magazines and just moved things around to look neater, but didn't come up with any more space. There sure is a lack of that around here!

I don't enjoy shopping anymore and yard sales are history, because we just don't have any room for anything more. I sure have lot's of earrings though!! They are small and fit easily and I have to buy something when the shopping urge hits. Then I wear the same old pair!

Then this afternoon, we drove to North Vancouver for Tom to renew his driving licence. He had to have a physical done to get his licence, because of his age, which he got the other day with no problem. So, we drive over and I'm saying I should go in and get mine renewed also, and save ourselves another trip in a week or so but Tom said to just wait and we'd make another trip. So in he goes and comes back out immediately with a big grin. He didn't need to get it renewed for another year!! I looked at mine while he was gone and mine is good until 2012!! So, a trip in the rain for nothing! But, we did stop at Tim Hortons for coffee and I have to admit, I had 1/2 of a chocolate danish. But all I had to eat all day was a small bowl of Cherrios, so didn't think I was being too bad. We also stopped at a place that sells all British baking and meats, everything from mushy peas to Irish ham and much more. Tom loves this place and went nuts buying blood pudding and kippers. Sure isn't going to be hard to stay on my diet with that stuff around. Yuk!
TJ, got a big, dried pig ear to munch on and he was in heaven! So tonight for supper we are having snitzel. I think that's how you spell it, and if you've noticed spelling mistakes on the blog, it's because the spell checker on here won't work for me, and with age, my spelling, along with other things in my mind and body have gone downhill!

We are watching Oprah right now and the topic again is the power of positive thinking. I'm a big believer in that and find it really, really works!! I also see one of her guests wearing BLUE makeup!! Actually two of them are! I'm going back to what I feel comfortable with, instead of this "I love Lucy" look! The hell with it! Also, sure looks like Oprah is gaining weight! I feel soooooo goood!!!! I love Oprah, but it's nice to see someone so positive and with her own cooks and trainers and all the help she can get, to make her look thin and beautiful, still have the same problem as I do....FAT!!!

Well that's all the news for now. It's time to go mess up my cupboards again and get dinner started. I've been looking for new pictures that would interest everyone, but, have so little here with me. I'm grabbing a fresh bunch when I go home this summer, if I do go home.

Picture of the day:

L-R from Top
Peter (son in law, married to my daughter Erin), Erin, my daughter, Lisa, my daughter, Matthew, (my grandson and Lisa and Richards son), NEXT ROW: Richard (my son in law, married to my daughter, Lisa, ME, Bradley, (my grandson and son of Lisa and Richard.
NEXT ROW: (my grandaughter Sarah, daughter of Erin and Peter), Roxanne, my favourite and only sister! BOTTOM ROW: Erica, (my grandaughter and Peter and Erins daughter)

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