Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Hi there everyone! Woke to a extremely very windy morning and pouring rain. Those big starlings are back too and even in the rain they were all gathering in the tree beside our bedroom patio door hollering and cawing to each other. I wish I had a BB gun!! I'd shoot 'em down like Annie Oakley! (You younger ones will be scratching your head and saying "Who?"

I'm afraid my good intentions to get to the gym was shortlived, because it was still dark out at 8am, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Still raining when I got up, so had my shower and washed my hair and then lo and behold, out came the sun!!! There was no way, I was going to go over after washing my hair once today, then have to do it again after the pool, so I didn't go anywhere, but I did stick to the diet!! That's two days down and no movement on the scales! I didn't expect there to be at this early stage. I've been through this before and know the ropes! But, I'm sure kinda bitchy!! Maybe I need sugar!!!

I'm watching Coronation St. as I write this and it's amazing how they come up with these stories. Lots of yelling tonight!!

I'm reading The Other Boleyn Girl and it's really, really good. Earlier, I went to look at King Henry's wives and it's really quite fasinating, and then up comes an advertisment for the movie on tv, just a few moments ago. I'll have to go see that one.

Well, this is another short blog. I'm just so darn tired lately!! Maybe from reading so late in the night which may account for my sore eyes too.

I hear you are having another storm to hit Ontario tomorrow or so. Be safe out there. Out here, they are planting spring flowers in all the store front flower boxes. Very pretty and gives me a lift, which is even better when there is sunshine as well!!

Bye for now.

Love Linda

Picture of the day: This is an oldie of my brother John, Wanda, who is my brother Mikes wife who is on the left and Suzie, my late brother's wife.

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  1. Geeeeeeez it's about time for you to post your Blog! I've been waiting for it and thought I'd check one more time before bed.
    I know...it's difficult to get up and out to the gym! There have been many days I've done the same thing...roll over and say poo on it. Better luck to you tomorrow.

    Yep...more snow or icy conditions to start in the middle of the night here....rats.

    Don'tcha love Mike's cool outfit on that photo? Ahhh the 70's!
    Love you,
    Sam xoxo


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