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Isn't she pretty, sitting on the branch?

Well, this was the beginning of DIET day, and I started off great, and ended the day, great as well! Watched everything I ate, and walked to the Fitness Centre to get signed up for a trainer and get myself prepared to follow it though.Boy, was I set about 4 feet, and when they picked me up off the floor, I was able to really take in what the price of a personal trainer was going to cost me! Three sessions, would be a whopping $159.00. Holy Mackeral Andy!! I can't afford that!!

However, there is ray of sunshine, because, they told me that they would give me an orientation of the gym for FREE! The even better news is, that it's an orientation of equipment and facilties that will take 1/2 hour and they will do a chart for me as well and set it up as how long I should work out on each machine, keep track of my progress and help to keep it going and add more as I find it getting easier. After that, I'm on my own and can come use it whenever I feel like it. So, actually this suits me better and I'm not committed to be there at a certain time, which really would be the ticket to my success, but I'll try and stay true to my self commitment and be there anyway!

I walked up there today, which is about a mile and half but will take the car tomorrow because I'll have stuff like work out clothes, bathing suit (doing laps too) and all the other junk I need which I feel will give me a heart attack doing it all at once!! (See...excuses already!)

Brrrr, just came back in from the deck. I could hear all these sirens going on and lights flashing. So old nosy had to go look. There was four fire trucks out there and soon as I went out, two shut off the sirens and disappeared down a different street. The other two are up at the building up the street. The respond as parametics now, so it's rarely a fire anymore.

Geez, I wish I had some great things to write about, but can't think of anything exciting to fill up this blog with tonight. Ohhhh, did I tell you about Charlton Heston being my uncle?? Well, I have to admit that's a big lie, but one time, I'll write a big long story about how this rumour went a few places in the College where I worked. It was a tale that seem to spin itself, and grow and grow and was believed by one very gullible but very wonderful friend. It was a "Devil made me do it" situation! I didn't work alone though, I had a very skilled accomplished side kick! But that's a story for another time!! However, I'm going to tell you a little about our "Victim" His name is Mike and he's been a very good friend of mine for many, many years as we both worked at the College. We've shared some personal stories, some of them good, some bad, but always there to listen and offer advice.

This is my friend Mike and his Grandson.

He's such a kind hearted, very genuine guy, who I'm very proud to be able to call my friend and feel so lucky to have such a special person like Mike in my life. He's going to kill me, (thank goodness for distance, because I can feel his hands reaching for my neck now!) But, this blog address is called "about you and me" so you never know who will be on here.

Mike has a beautiful wife, named Holly and two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. I remember his children made me really cute cards, when I went to Ireland in 1985, that I still have today.

Meet Holly! I love her name and she fits the name. Very lovely lady, with a beautiful smile. Proud Grandma too eh?
So Mike, this little tribute is to you!! Haven't talked to you much lately, but will get a phone call or letter off to you soon. Hope all is well in your life, and you are still as much fun as ever! I think of you often and the jokes and fun times we laughed about. Really......I'm sorry about all the jokes we played on you too......well, maybe a little bit sorry!
Big hug to you and your family!!
That's it folks, I'm off to have my bath, and continue with my book. The Uncle Chuck story will have to wait until I have more time and my back isn't aching from sitting here so long.
More tomorrow!! Keep that counter clicking!!!


  1. You mean Charlton Heston isn't really my uncle?
    Sam xo

  2. I had another Brother?????

    Auntie I


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