Saturday, February 9, 2008


Hi Everyone and on Tom's behalf, let me thank you for making it a special birthday for him today. He's pretty tired right now and gone to bed, but he'll be saying thanks to each and everyone tomorrow for all the gifts, the greeting cards, the phone calls, the delicious dinner, the balloons, the beautiful pie, not to forget the leftovers!!! I won't have to cook tomorrow!!! Yahooo!
The day started with many phone calls and people singing Happy Birthday, even all the way from Australia from his great friend Humo.
We had planned to go out for breakfast but the phone kept ringing so, we finally left here about 10:30am.
Then there were all the birthday wishes coming in over the internet. One from my sister Roxanne that was very unique and very special, which I'm going to attempt to put the url on here and hopefully you will be able to see it. It was very nice!! So, give it a try and see it works for you.
I sure hope it will work. I can't go off this page, to check it out
Then we went out to Tom's son Martin's house for dinner. Joan prepared all Tom's favourite and more besides!! Curried Chicken and curried prawns and ribs, and vegetables and a delicious cake, with raspberries and whipped cream and raison pie, and more and more!! Toms grandchildren also came over as well as Meredith and Dave and Dave's daughter. So, it was a grand time! We'll get the pictures off the camera tomorrow and show you.
We drove home in the rain and it was sooo dark!! Tom is getting night blindness and I've had it for years, so those long night trips, especially in pouring rain is getting a little difficult to make. However, we made it home, Tom has gone to bed, the left-overs are put away, he has many scratch cards and lotto tickets to check tomorrow, and thank you's to write, so he'll be busy!
Sorry my last two posts didn't turn out very well. I worked from the afternoon, late into the evening on the birthday one. I started with one theme for his birthday, then came across more pictures to put on the blog and tried to incorporate them both and it just ended up one big headache. I should have just deleted the first one and started over. The Chinese one, looked great when I previewed it as did the writing on the birthday one, but when I clicked publish and then looked at it, it was all over the place. Then there's that big space between each blog!! I messed up!!! Back to the drawing board. I wish I knew html and may hunt around on the internet for a little course on it. I just hate to learn mind boggling things anymore! My brain won't take it!! I think I'm beyond learning!!
Anyway, I'm off to the bath tub. The cat is like an alarm clock and summons me when it's time for me to come and have my bath. He has forever sat beside the bath tub and waits for me to bath, as if he was a faithful old dog. However, it's very annoying, all that meowing when I'm not interested or ready for a bath yet!! He just keeps bugging and bugging until I do go. He's doing it now!! GRRRRR!!!
I finished my book "The other Bolyen Girl" and read it until 2:30 this morning. I couldn't put it down. Ohh boy, was she (Ann) something else!! What a world it was back then, however compared to todays world, we're still all nuts!! But, I feel like I've lost an old friend when I come to the last page of a book I've enjoyed, and almost feel in mourning! Tomorrow, I'll attempt another, Tom say's, I take half the Library home with me!!
Goodnight folks, more tomorrow and thanks for reading it. I have two different friends in Australia that read it faithfully, Iowa and many places in Ontario and here as well. I enjoy doing it and it fill my desire to write. A couple of you suggested I take a writing course, but again, I'm too old and slow to learn anything new, but I could use some proper grammer and spelling. My spell checker on this won't work either. I should go read some more instructions I guess.
Again...night, night!!


  1. Dear Niece, I do not think you need to take a writing course; your past letters and your witty comments here are all totally you; always funny, always informative, and always a joy to read.

    That was a beautiful Birthday Greeting Roxanne sent and so happy to hear Tom and you had a wonderful day.

    All you need to do Linda, is to keep up this wonderful blog just the way you are doing!!!!

    Auntie I

  2. HI Linda,
    It was great that you guys came here so we could celebrate Tom's special day with him!!! Thanks!
    Roxanne's e-card is the best I have ever seen. I am sure it brought tears to Tom's eyes!!!

    Next birthday............FEB. 24,2008....HMMMM.............who could that be?


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