Friday, February 8, 2008


Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband on his 80th birthday!

Happy Birthday from his two wonderful children, Meredith and Martin

Happy Birthday from his two Grandchildren, Heather and Ed.
Happy Birthday from his Sister, Belle, and husband Ken and all their families

Happy Birthday from your Ontario family Happy 80th Birthday to you, Husband, Father, Grandfather and friend to many. We all love you for who you are....a wonderful, kindhearted, wise, young at heart, compassionate, and truly good person. We are so proud of you!!

Before seeing the world in his teenage years aboard many ships during WWII, he returned to Vancouver and took a career as a Fireman, working his way up to Assistant Fire Chief for Vancouver. He's been retired this past 20 odd years.

Tom built a cottage in the Interior of BC, near 100 Mile House, at Green Lake! He spent many wonderful times with his late wife Joan and with family and friends. However, he decided, the drive up, the chopping wood and shingling, painting and the other tedious work around the cottage just wasn't any more fun, nor did he have the energy for it, so sadly for all, up went the For Sale sign!!!

Tom began a new life, and I am lucky to be part of it. We will soon be starting into our 4th year of marriage and enjoying it every day, more then the day before. He's a wonderful husband, and there's hardly a day go by that we don't have a laugh hard enough to bring tears to our eyes and a sore belly from laughing so hard. He is just a joy!

Tom proposed in Tim Hortons to a very surprised and extremely happy woman! "Do you love me enough to marry me?" he said!

OHHHHH YEAHHH!!! I sure did!!

So from all of us that love you so much, for many, many reasons, we wish you the best birthday you can have and thank you for giving us the gift of you!! We look forward to many more years to enjoy and love you!

The following pictures are just more to enjoy and to remember the good times about you!

Tom contemplating, getting ready for the plunge in a cold lake!

Tom was born Feb 9,1928 to an Irish Father and a Scottish Mother who immigated to Canada and settled in British Columbia. Tom is the second child of three. His brother Ed (deceased), and his sister Isabelle (Belle).

Hey, St. Patty's day is a big day for both of us Even his beloved dog TJ, has green on him. Beside us is, Joan and Martin (Tom's son and daughter in law.)

Doesn't he look like an

angel? I always tell him

that and honestly mean


Such a sweet face!!

Tom has such a great sense of humour and see's the funny side to everything! He's never in a bad mood, and know's how to tease me out of mine and gets me laughing at his antics.

Tom in his Yucatan size straw hat in Panama

He loves to read! So do I,
So what great companions!
Tom loves his computer and loves to "tweek" it and
get involved in different programs and tear them apart to see how they work. Him and three of his buddies from Cambridge, have been meeting on the internet now for many, many years, learning this and that program. He gets up faithfully at 6:30 in order to meet them at 7 am (10:am Ontario time) and as I lay in bed, I can hear them chuckling and laughing and speaking of techinical terms, that I have no idea, what they are talking about.
Tom is also an avid reader, and we both love to be at the Library (which is the best here in West Van). He amazes me though, because he can walk in, go to the shelf, pick one book and he reads it cover to cover. I go, takes me forever, and I come out with a pile I can hardly carry!! He doesn't understand why I do that, and is forever to telling me to leave some books for other people, but I like to read a few chapters of each book to see if I like it or not.


We got married in Ontario at my daughter Lisa's lovely home.
Signing the marriage papers!

Great cook too!!!

Tom has always been a great hiker and loved to walk great distances. He also loves to swim and oh boy, does he glide through the water like a pro! At Green Lake, no matter what the temperature, he'd would make a point of the 5pm swim. Rain or shine, and in very, very cold water, he'd still take the plunge




    Wish I could be there to help you celebrate, but I will be thinking of you!
    Love you LOTS!
    Happy Birthday

  2. MANY, MANY HAPPY RETURNS TOM!!! Linda, what a lovely dedication to such a super guy ~ you sure lucked out Kid!

    Enjoy your Day Tom and enjoy that terrific Wife you nabbed from the East.



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