Monday, February 11, 2008

Last Pictures of Toms Big Day

The Party's Over! Tom celebrated his birthday with lots of love and attention, and nearly set off the fire alarms with all the candles on his birthday cake. Onward ho to another year, and we wish him many, many more!!
left - right

Joan, Heather, Meredith, Tom, Dave, Jayme, Kim, Ed, Martin "Fantastic dinner!!"

Meredith, Linda, Tom

Can't have a birthday party without balloons eh?
Jayme, who is Dave's daughter. Dave is Merediths fiance.
Kim and Ed (Tom's grandson)

Martin (Tom's son) and his wife Joan, packing up our leftovers to take home!

Tom and his birthday bear that sings "Happy Birthday"

Blowing out all those candles were a tough job, so Meredith had to help!



Jean Morley, Tom, Doug, Dianne
Bill, Arliss, Linda, John

Jean Morley and Tom

Jean was married to one of Toms fireman friends and also has a cottage at Green Lake.

Bill and Arliss. Bill is Joan (Tom's late wife's) brother. Arliss, was Joan best friend and they all spent much time together at Green Lake, as did Bill and Dianne

Doug and Dianne.

Doug is a long time pal of Toms, and a really nice man. Also was on the fire dept. with Tom.

Dianne is a joy to be with. She is Bill's lovely wife and a super nice person, as is Bill!

Best Buddies!

Bill, Arliss, Tom and John. John and his wife Mavis (absent), are good friends of ours. John was on the ships with Tom during WWII, and for years and years, didn't realize they lived only a short distance away, until Tom recognized John coming out of a corner store! They couldn't believe they came across each other again, and the friendship had developed over the years. John is wonderful and so very thoughtful and brings me flowers for my pots, remembers, my birthday and today brought me roses!! Thank you my friend!!

The end of a good day!

Happy Birthday
until next year!!


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