Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well, the big birthday is done, and now it's back to blogging about this and that! Another sort of "sprinkles, on and off day", in West Vancouver, which is not unusual! I long for the sun, however, the temperature is mild and there's a promise the sun will come out tomorrow. I've been taking lots of Vitamin D in lieu of the sun. What the heck....always look on the positive side...no sun, no skin damage, and I've had my share of that, and it looks like more is taking place on my face already. One should never buy a 10x magnifying mirror!! It scares the bejesus out of you when you look at the damage and shape of what the skin is in that close! Plus all those veins popping out everywhere, including the whites of the eyes!!! It's like looking at a horror movie in real time!
You know, since I wrote this first sentence, the sun has just begun to shine! Thank you God, you must of heard my complaints and are so tired of them, you decided to give me just a taste, for now to shut me up!! He's such a tease!!

We went up to a little small cafe for lunch after before returning our overdue library books. We split a huge meatloaf sandwich, which had tomato's and cheese on it and to make it even more delicious, it was grilled!! Was it good! Then to the library to pick out more books. I headed to the section of the author of 'The Other Boleyn Girl," Philippa Gregory, to see what others she had written, and found she also wrote "The Boleyn Inheritance", more of the saga! I hope I enjoy it as much as the first book. I love historical fiction. I'm also looking forward to the movie which is to be out soon. I also brought back a few more of her books, plus one or two books of different authors. I feel such greed come over me, wanting ALL the books, when I know darn well, I'll read only one, but for the moment....I have them!!! The are MINE!!

After our lunch yesterday, one of Tom's friends came to the door with a beautiful bouquet of red roses for me!! He's such a thoughtful and caring man! He's always bringing me fun things to receive, flowers, chocolates, and remembers my birthday.......helloooooo out there all Tom's other friends.....hellooooo Doug!!! (Just teasing Doug, I love giving you a hard time!)

A car parked right beside ours was broken into last night in the underground parking lot!! The owners said the thieves had broke the drivers window, opened the little smoking drawer where they throw loose change into and all they knew was in there was two quarters. The thieves left the quarters, and left the owners with a insurance bill of nearly $300.00. I feel so bad, but also very glad, it wasn't our car!!

My granddaughter Sarah called me today, on her own accord, which was a nice surprise.She is 10 years old. She wanted to know when I'm coming home, that she misses me! She wants me to move back to Belleville, and just couldn't understand why I couldn't! It was a sweet phone call. She's learning French in school and was testing me on my forgotten high school French. She won!! Gosh, I'm having a hard time retaining my knowledge of plain English these days, let alone remembering French too. Her cat died two weeks ago and I guess she is still feeling the loss of her pet and needed to talk about it to me.

Speaking of pets, I better take TJ outside for her pee, while the sun shines!! However when I take her when it's raining, she sure gets the job done quick and runs for inside again. None of this sniffing at everything and peeing on every blade of grass or post!

Love from here!

Picture of the day:

It's a short walk down to the pier which you can see sticking out. The house's built on the mountain side is called British Properties and VERY expensive homes. The mountains are to the right. You should see the flowers starting to bloom!!!

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  1. Just heard there's been a huge explosion in Vancouver downtown so I'm sure you will be filling us in on that.

    No sun here Linda and it is still damn cold, and we have had 2 snowstorms in a row! Grumble..grumble...hhaha.

    I'll bet it was lovely to hear from Sarah; it's always sweet hearing their voices and what they've been doing.

    Take care and glad you are enjoying your historical fiction!! Take a look sometime at Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons in "Elizabeth" - won a lot of TV awards as it was a 2 part series. EXCELLENT!!!!

    Auntie I


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