Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Afternoon and Football!


Well, I love the pre -game highlights and the half times, but as for the game inself....I'm pretty bored!! Ten minutes before the game started, I asked Tom if he wanted a cup of tea and a muffin from the batch I just cooked. He looked at me like I was nuts and said..."nooo, I'm going to the game!" I wondered what he was talking about, so he said, he was heading for his chair with a beer and a bowl of cheezies, which by the way have to be "Hawkins" cheezies from Belleville. Anyway, he laughed at me, saying if he took tea and a muffin to watch football, anyone would laugh at him. This was a beer and cheezie event!!! Excuse me! It's a good thing I have a good hearty supper of spaghetti sauce cooking in the slow cooker for the MAN!

We took Batman out for a walk with us. He hasn't been out on the leash since we went to the cottage last year. Waiting for him to take a step is like watching paint dry! Finally I picked him up and carried him to the end of the driveway and the front of the building. Then he walked and at a pretty good clip, back home again! He sure knew his way. I think he likes it when he's out and feels a little more comfortable with TJ, who is not afraid of anything, so Batman tries to act a tiny bit braver. He's such a scardy cat!!

I'm writing this early and it's short, because, my eyes are a little sore (make-up) and I'm going to have a little snooze. Maybe later do some reading (The Other Boyln Girl), which is really good so far. Ohhh, that King Henry sure did what he wanted and had an effect on the women!! It's good reading.

Tonight there is a story on at 8 pm about how the Royal Family lives. I forget what channel, but on one of the stations we all get. It looked interestinSo, I'm off, because my eyes are closing on me. Hopefully, I'll get something interesting to tell you about next week. Toms 80th birthday is on the 9th, so if any of you would like to surprise him with a card, it would be fun for him. Not every day you turn 80!! Since he had his cateract off, he doesn't wear those old big outdated glasses anymore and I keep finding him more handsomer every day!! He better get his running shoes on soon!!! Heee Heee Heee.

I can't put our address on here as this goes out on the web, but if anyone wants our address, send me an email and I'll send it to you.

Picture of the Day:

This was our Mexico trip and they had a pool right beside the dock where I went for a swim. It was sooo hot after shopping. We had bought some Mexican coffee to bring home, from little vender that was inside one of the buildings in the next picture. When we got it home and used it, half of the bag was filled with pebbles instead of coffee beans!! We were taken!!!!

It was a beautiful place though. I'd have to get off this chair and look at my book to remember the name, but it was started with Z. That will help if you want to travel there eh. We were the 2nd ship to visit the port and the when we arrived, all the people who live there, came out in Mexican costume to greet and dance and sing for us. It was really beautiful. The far building was full of venders, the closer building was a bar, and the pool right in front of it. See the guy in white on the left. It was the Mexican navy and every port we were at, they stood around either protecting us, or watching for drug runners. Apparently they weren't suppose to talk to us, or us to them, but in this next picture, guess who broke the rule????

After my swim, I went over and had a little chat with him. It was pretty one sided, as he didn't speak English, but he didn't point his gun at us when we pointed the camera at him. He knew a friendly face when he saw one!! I should have made it lighter, but I need to go have a snooze!!


  1. Mom
    Good luck with your trainer today and your resolution. I made one on New Years and haven't stuck to it very well. Seeing that you are doing it has given me new incentive. Dam it.
    Love you

  2. Pebbles in your coffee!! Sneaky eh?
    Tell Tom I went to a SuperBowl Party last night....AND won $26.00!! Pretty good for someone who didn't even know who was playing!!
    Yep...good luck with your trainer. Geeeeez...I would LOVE a trainer! Now that would be incentive! Is yours hunky, hot and buff?
    Sam xo


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