Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm 64 and DON'T LIKE IT!!

WEll, as Tom reminds me..tomorrow, I'm in my 65th year!! I was reminded at dinner tonight to make sure I apply for Old Age Security at least by this summer. This is scary stuff!! But, it's just a number, and if I can stay healthy, then that's all I care about.

The day started with phone calls from my sister, from Lisa and Erin and Bill and Dianne and Joan, and Norma, and John, Eva and Christina and Doug. Thank you all!! Then Tom took m to The White Spot for Eggs Benedict....mmmm good!!
This afternoon, we sayed home, listening to music and playing on the computer, with much frustration on mine, as it hasn't been working very well lately. Very frustrating!

Then Meredith and Dave had us over for a delicious spaghetti dinner with salad and a beautiful birthday cake. Martin and Joan also came and so it was really fun. I got lots of scratch cards to entertain myself while I have my bath tonight. Maybe I'll win BIG!!! And I got a lovely bouquet of flowers too!! It was a great birthday and thank you everyone! And....Martin fixed my computer!! When he started it up, it went perfectly, with great speed, it did what it was suppose to do. I come home, I plug it all in, and right away it is back to being slow and doing things it wouldn't do with Martin had it. I can't believe it!! Aghhhhhhhhhhh!!! Well, I'll struggle on. Thank you Martin for all your help, but I must be jixed!!

Well, I'm really tired tonight, so I'm packing it in early and saying goodnight and I hope everyone had as nice a day as I did. Thanks to everyone who made it special.
Tomorrow, I'm promised pictures that we took tonight, from Dave's camera, so will post them tomorrow.

Picture of the day: A much younger me!! It was a black and white photo that Tom put colour too.

I think my hair was a tad darker then and has just gotten lighter as I age, but it's just so hard to remember the colour and so many shades of red hair. But he did a great job. I think this picture was taked in the early 80's.

This one was taken about 3 years ago.....and the years fly by!! Where did that younger girl go?

I look so MATURE!!! What an ugly word!!!

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  1. I don't know Linda - you look the same to me; it's just everyone else that gets older.

    Glad you had a terrific birthday ~ you're like a fine wine that ages well.

    Auntie I


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