Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well, another year has gone by for me, and another year begins. When I sit, and think back, so many things have taken place in the span of 365 days. Let me see if I can recall some of them and if I leave any out, it's not because they weren't important to me, it's just my memory isn't as wonderful as it once was, which in fact, is one of those "down" things about the days and years passing, as all those brain cells wither and die.

Lets see...hmmm, Batman developed a lump on his side and had an operation, which had me in a tizzy, but he came through the operation with flying colours with a plastic collar he had to wear for two weeks, and me with an empy wallet.
I had an operation on my nose for cancer that scared the life out of me when I saw the 40 some stitches twisting around my nose. ( I should send everyone that picture!) However, it healed nicely and I figure I'm lucky, a scar on the nose is better then no nose, which may have become the case!
I lost some very wonderful people in my life, who passed away. But, I'll hold them dear to my heart always.

I met some wonderful new people though Red Hats, and we took in some great fun events through the year.

I went home to Ontario to visit and had a wonderful time visiting friends and family and it is always so wonderful to feel so welcomed and loved and missed. Lots of hugs and invitations everywhere!

Many of my friends from the College retired, and I wish them well and hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

We went on a wonderful cruise from Ft. Lauderdale up through the Panama Canal, stopping at wonderful place's that I never believed I'd ever get the chance in my life to see. We met some great people, had many laughs and hopefully, lifetime friends.

My sister Roxanne was out twice to visit, and what a treat it was to show her how my life is and where I now live and Vancouver and all the sites.

We sold the cottage at Green Lake, which was a bitter/sweet sale, but Tom was ready to part with it and says he has no regrets. He say's he won't miss it, but I'm sure he will, as also his family and me! Not to mention TJ and Batman.

We bought a new vacuum cleaner, and a big 52" television, and subscribed to more stations.
My oldest grandson passed his driving test! How scary is that!

My oldest grandaughter went into her teens....Even more scary!

We went on another cruise to Hawaii, which was heavenly! How can my life get better!!

Meredith and Dave became engaged, and Heather, became pregnant! Tom turned 80!

Many wonderful times spent with Toms family and his friends, that I'm so happy to say, are now my friends too. Many breakfast's, many lunches and dinner's together!!

So many good times spent with my wonderful husband, many laughs shared and great moments between us, that will leave lifetime memories.

Some pounds put on, some taken off, but that's nothing out of the ordinary, it's constant!

The only sad spot that has been the heart break of the year is the breakup of two people I love more then life itself. My daughter Lisa and husband Richard. But life goes on and hopefully, as the next 365 days go by, things will heal on that situation and there won't be so many people hurting as they are now. Time heals....right?
So, here's to another year as it begins tomorrow. Please Lord, let it be a good one!!
Note: I'm having problems getting pictures to load, as something is very wrong with this computer and hopefully Martin can fix it for me tomorrow. This is a poem, I found on a birthday card one time, and loved it so much, I kept it. Hope you will like it too.
We are all born to world of change,
Though we may never know why.
We grow and learn, despair, rejoice,
Wonder, and laugh and cry...
And the days fly by.
And some look back with little more
Then regret and a wistful sigh,
Or worry their way toward the future,
Or do their best to deny
That the days fly by.
Each momet in time is a gift that comes
And goes in the blink of an eye.
We question, as always, the meaning of life,
And "to live" is the only reply.
So I celebrate in the hear and now-
May we live as well as life will allow,
And may your spirits be ever high,
So they, too, fly....
As the days fly by.
Today, I went to the movies. Two of them in one afternoon. I went alone (Tom's a pooper) to see "No Country For Old Men" It was good but very weird ending!!! The kind of ending, you want to stand up and yell "Where's the rest of the movie!!"
Then Atonement was just about to start when I was leaving the theater, so I thought, "what the heck, I always wanted to see it, and I'm here, so why not!! It was very good as well, but again a different, but more satisfying ending. I don't think I'd be able to figure my way through the book with it's twists and turns though, but I'd say it's a good one to see.
Then I picked up some chicken on the way home and now, Batman is howling for me to come to have a bath and head off to bed. He's on some kind of schedule I suppose, but sure don't know what for!! Or else he loves to look at me nude!! I guess that's it!! Probably a horror show, not what I'm thinking that he loves to gaze on my nakedness with adorement!!
Sorry, no picture tonight, I'm just hoping this will publish okay.
Night all. Keep reading!! Tomorrow I'll tell you what happened on my big day as I begin living life as 64 years old!! Yikes!!
Love Linda


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Linda!!!!
    You certainly have nice weather for you birthday :)

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Look forward to 64, which WILL be even better Linda.

    Auntie I


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