Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Is Here

Arn't these beautiful!!! Today, we went for a walk and took the camera with us. These beauties are what we found, popping through the ground cover beside the driveway.

We don't have the pictures back from Meredith that were taken last night, so I'll send them later.

It is so wonderful to have a computer that is working properly now. Martin, thank you again..well..Joan, please tell Martin thank you for me, as I doubt very much my "son" is reading what his step-mom does with her days!!
Patricia my friend slowly recovering from her sickness and called this morning to go shopping and for lunch, so it was fun to ramble with her again and she was starting feel so housebound now that her health is recovering. We went to FishLovers for lunch, and had delicious crips halibut and salad. Delicious!

Then we both played on our computers and it felt so good to zip around without waiting for ages for pages to load. Boy is that frustrating! Then we went for a walk and I'm sending some pictures for you to see.
But first, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Tom's grandson, Ed, for passing his welding exam,and is now a licenced welder. Smart man to get a trade in today's world when trades are so hard to find. So, we are very proud of you Ed.

Now these flowers, I can't even spell!!

But in the Spring here, they are absolutely beautiful and flourish everywhere!! I love Spring here!

Rhodrdendrums, or something like that!! Stop laughing everyone at my poor spelling....after all, I'm now 64 and can't be expected to remember how to spell everything. Sometimes I can't even think of the right word, and who know's these may be a totally different flower then what I just attempted to call them. spell checker just tells me...Yeah, you dummy, it's wrong , it won't correct the word for me!

Isn't this a lovely flower bed, not all in bloom yet. Those are rose bushes in the middle and it won't be long before they are blooming.

This is a film crew doing a commercial for Ikea. This is Hollywood North, so a common site to see lots of this sort of thing going on

Tom offered to be in the commercial and lay on one of their props to show how great it would look in their catalogue!

However, they declined and he had to move to the log on the beach!

Tom and TJ, walking on the entrance to the beach. The big hole on the left is usually filled with a fountain and bubbling water, but it's being cleaned and empty and this was TJ's watering hole!

No wonder they wouldn't let Tom in the commercial. TWO pair of glasses on his head!! His reading glasses on top of his head and his movie star sun glasses. Look's kind of groucy too eh?

This is from the pier, looking West, towards Dunderave. There is a wonderful sea wall, that is beautiful for walking and is always crowded with people. This is the spot I first think of when I wake up and think I should be out walking it, but somehow, I always seem to think it and then drop off to sleep again! Funny that!!

Well, I better not load this up with too many pictures as it will take ages for the page to load, so, I'll say ta ta for tonight and watch a little tv, eat my left over slice of birthday cake and have a bath, and read my book and then head to bed. Another beautiful day gone!


  1. Those flowers look so lovely and just what I need on this snowy day in good 'ol ON!

    I know spring is coming but geez, does it have to take soooo long!

    Vancouver is so gorgeous in Spring - I remember how very green it is and all those outstanding and beautiful flowers.

    Have a great day Kiddo!

    Auntie I

  2. Come on out Auntie!!
    Thanks for your comments, sure appreciated.
    When are you coming?
    Love Linda

  3. Okay Linda, I am jealous. It's snowing out and they say the temperatures are dropping. Needless to say we don't have any flowers popping through the ground.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. What beautiful scenery.

    Sandy (Hamilton, ON)

  4. Wow...look at how beautiful it is out there already!! I shovelled snow today...hmph.
    Great photos.
    Sam xo


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