Friday, February 22, 2008


WEll, I woke this morning with a terrific head ache, along the whole top of my head!! I went back to bed and slept until 10. Got up, had a bowl of cereal with Tom and when he left for the chiropractors, I went back to bed. Woke around 2 oclock, and headache was gone, but I wasn't in a terrific mood...probably too much sleep, but I must have needed it. I've been under a load of stress lately.

I don't think it's any secret anymore that my daughter Lisa and her husband Richard have decided to end their marriage. I've been absolutely devistated over the news, along with many other friends and family and have without doubt, no blame to lay on either side. I love them both, more then, words can say. The are handling it very amicably without too much friction and upheveal. The boy's are coping more then I thought and are more adult then I thought they would be at 16 and 18. They too, seem to understand the situation. It's Richards parents and me, that seem to be having a difficult time with it all, not to mention Richard who I look on as a son. He's the one hurting the most as it was Lisa's decision to move on.

It seems to be a sign of the times anymore, but I never thought it would happen to my kids and it hurts like heck that it has! Life ever be the same for so many people.

On top of all this, Lisa had applied for a job today that would have helped her so much financially. She was so optimistic, she was getting it. Apparently the employer searched her out for the job, and she went into the interview full of confidence and hope. Then today, she had another interview with another boss from Kingston. She was tired, worn out, no sleep and she just couldn't come up with some of those nutty answers they asked now days, that don't seem to have any rhyme or reason with the position. It was a bad interview for her, and how she longs to do it over. The one other applicant got the job, so Lisa's had some bad days for her and us lately.

I have my bad and good days where all this just lays so close and just under the surface, and will pop up without me even thinking of it and tears fall down and I just don't want to be or get interested in any other thing. Poor Tom, tries so hard to pull me out of this funk, but all I care to do is sleep it all away, and it's such exhausting stuff to deal with!

I know I went though it, survived, and came out smiling and the happiest woman on earth, and I just hope Lisa will too. And Richard!!

My computer is also acting up which is not giving me my email, and when they do, they come in 3 and 4 of the very same thing. I've phoned Telus, but they tell me it's a Microsoft problem, so I'm hoping Martin will come over on my birthday and give it a once over. He's smarter then all those help lines put together!!! So, my stress level is reaching the HIGH mark at the moment!

Well, I'm the bathtub and then to bed....again!! Hopefully, my blog will be much more upbeat tomorrow.

Picture of the day: Ambleside By The where we live in West Vancouver

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