Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hi everyone! I'm writing this earlier tonight, because my favourite show (Survivor) is on and I have $5.00 on my favourites, and the pot for the game is one I'd like to win.

Another beautiful day here on the West Coast, with the sun shining brightly and it's lovely and warm out. Not warm enough for me to want to clean up the patio though! We need to steam clean out there but first mow it!! Yeah, can you imagine mowing indoor/outdoor carpet? There must have been some plants in the pots that reseeded themselves, and they have started to grow, right in the outdoor carpet. I've been going out and spraying household cleaner on the little sprigs that are popping up and spreading as healthy as can be. Actually what I did last year was take a stiff brush and scrub them off. But it sure hasn't killed them all off. They've wilted just a little, so, I guess, I need to get some plant killer instead of sink cleaner! Could kill the dog and cat by mistake too!! Would that be a bad thing?? Don't ask!!!

My friend Patricia was suppose to call me today and we were to go out for lunch, but I waited and no call. She's been feeling pretty darn sick since last November, and sleeps late, so I just left her alone. Get well soon Patricia, so we can hit the roads together again.

So, Tom and I went over to the Mall. I was shopping for a bathing suit, but we ended up going to eat lunch first and I felt so full, that trying bathing suits was just out of the question after lunch!!
I would have liked to wander down to Walmart and look around but they used to have these big comfy leather chairs for the husbands to sit and wait for wives, while they shopped, and Tom was content to sit and people watch, while I did my thing browsing around. But they have replaced them with hard old benches!!! Tom did sit and wait, while I went for a new bra, but that took forever, and halfway through trying them on, I had to quickly drop everything and find a washroom!! It's located upstairs in Sears, and of course the escalator is at the other end of the store and it was moving so SLOW, with people ahead of me, so I just had to squeeze everything tight and pray I made it. There was one woman walking down the narrow hallway to the bathroom, but I gained on her and passed her with a quick whish of movement as fast as the speed of sound, that she looked and must of wondered "what was that"!! I made it!!! Then I'm thinking of poor Tom, still on that hard bench, so I was hurrying so fast, I forgot to pull up my panties! Never noticed it until I'm on the down elevator and something just didn't feel right. They were the stretchy kind so it wasn't long as the crept down my legs, that taking a step was a little difficult. So, I had to return to the washroom.....guess where the up escalator was!!!! Usually they are right opposite the down escalator, but not this one!!! Way across the store again , up and into the washroom. What a horrible feeling that was!!! So, I pulled them up an down I go, get the bra's I had left on the sales desk where I said I'd be right back. Paid for them and went to look for Tom. I'm in a sweat by this time!!!
So, we had to go back into Sears to get to where the car was parked. We spotted a sweater and pants that Tom wanted, but keeping him interested while I search for his size is difficult as well, as he's hurting standing on his sore leg, so I'm frantic by this point!! One think I've learned in life...."Ya just can't shop with a man!!" I love being with him, but shopping is a trial us poor woman don't need!! WE like to wander, looking at this and that, and if you are lucky to have a man that loves to shop, I sure envy you!!

So, that has been our day. The rest is to try to program this phone but we can't find the instruction book and we are so awful at figuring these things out. So, I'll go see if I can make myself crazier then I already am, and maybe work up an appetite for supper, which is a corned beef sandwich or a ham and cheese omelette. It's Toms choice!! But one thing for sure.....we aren't having that stuff that Doug cooks with his sardines, that I mentioned on an earlier post!!!

Over the weekend, I'm going to read these computer books and figure out how to add hopefully some more interesting things on here. I have some idea's, just need to figure out how to do it!! So, it may or may not happen, it just depends if I can figure it out and not completely delete the blog altogether!!

Picture of the day: This is a statue of a little old lady sitting on bench, near Stanley Park, and near a bus stop. Someone always puts a bouquet of fresh flowers in her hands, and here she sits with a posy.

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  1. Hey're a mighty brave woman to admit to the panty episode :)...........that type of thing has happened to some of us too, I am sure, but we're not telling ;)
    Keep up the good work with walking,etc. You're right 8 pounds off is better than 8 pounds ON!!........I am purchasing some walking poles so hopefully I'll get out more....they're suppose to help, but that's assuming I use them.
    Take Care!!!!


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