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I hope everyone gets to see the eclipse tonight. Ours in BC is suppose to start at 7:01 p.m. but I doubt if we here will be lucky enough to see it. It's cloudy out with only a few cloud breaks. It's now 5:59 pm and there is still a bit of light in the sky, but I do believe the days are starting to get a tiny bit longer. Right at this moment, the sky over Victoria is beautiful with an orange coloured sky between thin lines of clouds.

Our gas is $1.10 a Litre at the moment, but if differs where you buy it by a point or two. Luckily, we don't go drive too far, now that we don't go to the cottage, so that's good. However, our little trips just here and there, do add up! However, everyone here in BC,, man, woman and child, gets a hundred dollar rebate from carbon tax according to the BC budget last night. I really don't know what all this means, except feel it's a waste of time, as it goes in one hand and back to the government in the other hand. In fact, I don't even know what the heck a carbon tax is! I'm so non-political, it's disgraceful.

Happy Birthday to Marilyn Wright!! I'm not sure of the day in Feb. Marilyn,

but know it's very near. So, hope it's a good one!! Marilyn is a friend of mine from Belleville and we both worked at the College. Marilyn worked on Switchboard for many years, then was the hub of information for staff and students when she took the job on the Kiosk. Here's to you girl!!

There must of been much hanky panky 9 months prior to Feb., because we had a birthday club at the College for all us girls, which were many, who had a birthday in February and I know so many other people who celebrate this month. Marilyn, hi to Sheila if you see her and all the other gals and Happy Birthday to you!

Today, I walked the dog over to the Mall, and was to meet up with Tom, who drove over for another chiropractor appointment for his very sore ankle. It's busy over there, so we picked a spot at the beginning of a trail where we walk the dog, where there is usually lots of parking, and I was to meet him there. He was to call me from the chiro's office to tell me when he was done. However, it ended up a comedy of errors!! He had the wrong date, so no appointment. I walked over with my ipod blaring away in my ears, so couldn't hear when he called and I walk fast, so was there quicker then Tom thought I'd be, and I took the longer route. He decided, he'd try and walk to meet me, but took the shorter way and ended up walking quite a distance before he turned around to go to the car. But then couldn't find the car, and thought it had been stolen, because he didn't think I could possibly be there that quickly. Meanwhile, I'm already there, and to save him having to walk at all, I drove the car over to the Chiropractor's office to wait for him. Well, along he came, huffing and puffing and dying to get off his foot! He's so good natured, in spite of being in pain, we just had a good laugh over it.

Then we went for a bowl of soup at Whole Foods. I love going there but not when on a diet! Ahhh, yeah, should mention the diet to you. I had lost 10 pounds, but then gained two back, so I'm down 8 pounds. Not great, but I'm not doing the walking as I was so pumped to do, and I'm certainly not starving, but have given up my gorging on sweets. I'm not a stickler to the diet and do slip often, but it could have been UP 8 pounds very quickly if I wasn't paying any attention to it. As some of you know, I had some news that rocked my world recently, and I just seem to have lost interest in everything for the moment, and my mind has been quite occupied with the problem, but life goes and so will I, and the rest of those involved with some time to work it out. All my life has been a diet, so there's no worry, that issue won't go away. I'll keep chugging at it!!

Goodnight everyone! Go check out that moon!!

Photo of the day: Our Red Hat Group, called "The Regal Ramblers" If you give up looking where I am, in my red hat, I'm 4th row up, second person in. A great bunch of ladies!!

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