Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Metrotown Visit

A bagel with a mouse in it...well, I hope life gets better then this!! Cute picture though eh?

I'm doing this blog, in halves. Half now and half when I get back from walking the dog. I keep putting it off, but it's one of those, have to do chores!! So, when I go, I'll try and be very observant and tell you all and everything I see. Because I'm taking him to the sea!! Maybe I'll see a seal or something to tell you about.

Tom had a meeting at the Firemans Club this morning, which is right beside Metrotown, a huge mall. So, I went with him and bought some stuff. A depressed woman, should never be allowed to shop!! Tom hasn't learned that yet!! I bought two very light nightgowns and no, they arn't sexy ones, in fact, they could be called "Grandma nightgowns"! Sorry for Tom eh? Well, I need something light, and you women out there know why!! I don't know why the temperature goes up at night, but it sure gets hot in our bedroom and not because their is any action other then snoring going on!! I have the covers on and off me many times before morning!

Then I found a nice cardigan sweater for Tom, which was on sale and it looks wonderful on him. Last one, I bought him had no pockets and he complained many times, so I made sure this one did. And I bought a pair of shoe....summer shoes. Grasshoppers! Then I tried on this really nice bathing suit, and I thought...if I stare at this in the mirror any longer, I may go run out in front of a big truck, so quickly took it off and got out of that section of the store!! Not a healthy place to be, in my mood!!

Tom called me on the cell when the meeting was over, so I met him and Doug (Toms friend) up in the Food Garden for a Timmy's coffee and doughnut! I needed the doughnut, like a hole in the head after trying on the bathing suit. Funny, how it doesn't deter you from eating after trying on bathing suits, you just want go drown your sorrow in .....food!! I'll never figure me out!!! However, I think we woman are all the same!!

Doug is the greatest guy, and I love to tease him, as he's always saying the wrong thing, like guessing my age 10 years older then I am!!! He nearly lost his life for that one, but I don't carry grudges. Today, he looked at my new shoes the Grasshoppers, and said "They used to be in style one time, didn't they?'' Boy, oh boy, this man does not realize the temper of a redhead!!! He's playing with fire!!!

So, we got taking about food and he says he's discovered this creation he made up, that is so delicious, he could eat it every night, so that got my interest up, after listening to them talk pensions and stuff. So, he tells me about the recipe. He didn't have a name for it, but if it was up to me, I think I'd call it "Throw up!". This is it: Fry up some onions and some peppers and mushrooms and celery and all that kind of stuff, throw in a can or two of sardines...at this point, I couldn't resist a "gasp" and held my throat, as he continued. Mush, up all the sardines and throw it in with a couple of eggs. Stir it all up together and fry it. Then serve it with ketchup on it.

Now, if that appeals to any of you out there, give it a try and let me know if you survive...or you may love it...who knows!! Doug said it just taste fantastic!!! I can tell you, I won't be serving it in this kitchen!!! Doug did stress that it's very healthy stuff to eat!! All that Omega 3 and veggies and eggs!! I actually feel ill just typing this!!! He'll have the last laugh, if a cooking show is offered to him!!!
Okay..out for my walk and will finish this later.

Back from our walk. It's become very cold out since we were out this morning. My face was freezing walking down to the pier. It's getting very foggy out there, and yet there is a little sun, trying very hard to peep though the accumulating clouds. Walking towards the water, everything looks in different shades of grey, even the water looks grey and gloomy. We stood watching a huge, seal, with his head out of water, waiting for a couple of Chinese people throwing over a cage with some bait in it, fishing for crabs I suppose, and the seal was swimming around thinking maybe he'd have his supper as well. It was a big fellow!!! There was a big sign tacked up that said "No crab fishing at night", so I guess they are doing what they can before the sun goes down completely. Lots of pigeons and seagulls hanging out on the railings and didn't move or fly away when TJ and I strolled right though the bunch of them. Then, I turned around to walk back home and the sight was breathtaking!! The last of the sun, was shining on the snow capped mountain, and the snow looked so white with all this fog. It was one of those "wonderful to be alive" sort of sight. The only thing spoiling it was TJ, yanking at me and nearly pulling my arm out of the socket to stop and smell the pee of other dogs that left their marks and of course he had to leave his behind as well!! So, we trudged up the hill to home, and that was pretty well the end of the day. We brought home our lunch/supper from T&T, the Chinese grocery store, some fruit mostly, and a bit of sushi, so no supper to make tonight. Wonderful...I'm free to watch Coronation Street, read, have my bath and get into bed early to watch American Idol. Great life eh?

Did anyone see Oprah today (she's on now) and some woman just complained about to Dr. Oz, about having 18 orgasms in a row!! Oprah was a real hoot, imitating having 18 orgasms!! Nooo, this woman does NOT have a problem!!! Not to my way of thinking anyway, other then it certainly would wear me out to get laundry, meals and OTHER household chores done!!
Well, that's my blog for today. If anyone is interested in my Hamburger Soup Recipe let me know on the comment section below this post. It's really good Doug, and it's healthy too!!

Picture of the day: This is my older brother Mike and my younger sister Roxanne.
Love them Dearly!!


  1. Hi Linda..........there is only one thing to say about Doug's recipe.............YUCK!!!!!!...how about the new of 'barf stir-fry?
    As soon as you mention sardines I don't care what else goes in with it it is disgusting (sorry, that's only one person's opinion).
    Have a great day :)

  2. that shoud say 'name' not 'new'.....I guess I should proof read ;)

  3. That's a lovely picture of awfully nice people in your life as well as mine.

    Yucky-poo to sardines!!


    Auntie I

  4. Joan, I agree,sardines...yuk!

    Irene, I agree with you too!! They are very nice people and I'm so glad they are in my life too!!

  5. Hi Linda, I would love your hamburger soup recipe. (no sardines please)

    I remember Roxanne, but I don't remember your brother Mike. Where is Roxanne living now?



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