Friday, March 14, 2008


Woe is us, and all I can say is this cold or whatever this infection is called and what devil must stay doing nothing all night, but just perch on or bedpost, plotting of what else to put us through next, while they grant us 20 frees min of peace before waking and coughing ourselves inside out
'We been in bed all day, Tom on the pull out bed in the living room and neither of us feel the best. We both feel like we should be here!! In a hospital! Tom will want to trade nurses though, I just know it!!
So, I don't know how I can make this blog interesting when we are so loaded with drugs, can't think straight, and I've made too many mistakes on this blog and it's wearing me out to go further.

So, see flowers up on the top, well, we would love some flowers, a nurse or two and even some candy. I can always eat even as I'm on my deathbed!! I already told you that!! A casserole would be wonderful too!

Better days tomorrow eh?? I've been saying that for two weeks and we keep getting worse!

Watch for our obituaries!!

Picture of the day: Use the one at the top this time, it saves me re arranging this page, which my mind can't contemplate at the moment. Oh...this is our condo building
Thought for the day!! Don't get sick!! If you go, take hot water, add rum, honey, lemon and stir
It does something......maybe only make you forget the miserary for alwhile!

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