Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is a boring post!
Again, my life is kind of on the boring side, because we are both sick with this nasty bug, that some mean person passed on to us!! How could anybody be so cruel??
Tom had a terrible night, coughing and no sleep and even had his head in the toilet a few times. He had a fever, thought maybe he was dying, and was even half wishing he would!
Then we got a call from the hospital to tell us they have an appointment for a Cat Scan next Thursday. Luckily, we had another appointment with the doctor this afternoon, so we could find out what that is all about! Off, we went to beautiful Horseshoe Bay to see if they could do something more for him. It was an effort for him to just get dressed to get there, and there are stairs to his office, but he made it up the steps and Tom, being Tom, even had a big smile and a little tease for the receptionist.
So, the Doctor poked and prodded and listened to his chest, and explained the reason she ordered the CAtscan. Apparently one lung is a little thick, so she's just checking it out as a precaution but figures it a result of the coughing and congestion. So she wrote him a script for
Biaxin, the super antibiotic! When I was waiting in line for the man ahead of me at the cash register, they asked him if he had Airmiles, and he said no, he never bothered with it. I saw what it rang up as for his medication and it was $1,750.00. So, I happened to have my Airmile card in my hand and asked if I could have his points. He was very happy to give them away. He said he has to have this drug every single month and stupid me, didn't ask him to tell me when he was getting his script filled again, so I could be waiting at the counter with my Airmiles card!! Geeze, the trips would pay for themselves, very quickly!
Bill, and Dianne who does our pool for us fans, have both had this bug. First Dianne and now Bill! Well, Bill finally had to see his doctor because he was so badly infected and coughing up a storm, so the Dr. gave him the same drug that Tom is now on. Bill called awhile ago to see how Tom was faring and told me how it affected him. Apparently, it gave him weird dreams about losing a Bobcat with eyebrows!! He was hallucinating...quite a trip Bill!!! Did he look like any of these fellow's I found. They have nice eyeliners, but I'm not quite sure what you mean by eyebrows!!
Anyway, do what the doctor prescribed and take Biaxin with food this time!! No Tylenol on top of that! Hope it's a better sleep for you and you both are well and top drawer soon! My cold is just hanging in there. Just coughing and trying to keep my lungs free, by taking deep breaths way down lowwwww! Nothing ever seems to affect my eating though!! I could eat on my deathbed and probably will!
So, that was about we did today. Not exiting at all. Tonight is my favourite night on TV, with Survivor and The Apprentice, which I am enjoying this season with the celebrities. They can be soooo nasty!! So, you know where I'll be parked at 8:00pm this evening!
So, that's about it folks, how about some feedback!! IS ANYBODY OUT THERE??
Picture of the day!

Our view from our balcony, watching the ships, coming and going. The cruise ship should arrive, in late April this year, and the first trip is to Hawaii!

Thought for the Day:
March 13, 2008
In 1781, William Herschel discovered Uranus today. I'm sure you can come up with your own jokes about it.


  1. Linda, I wish you two lived out this way!!!!........I'd come over and make the both of you a HOT TODDY!!!
    Get better SOON....BOTH of you!

  2. OOPS......forgot to put my name..blush, blush ;)

  3. Linda you sure make boring interesting to read about. Nice to read your humour. I hope you are both feeling better soon.

    The cold going around in Hamilton fools you and makes you think you are almost better and then it hits you from another angle with a big blast.

    I love the pictures you post.

    Take care, Sandy


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