Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hi all you out in Cyberland! What's happening in your life?

Since I started writing this blog, I don't get letter's from anyone anymore! That's not fair!! You get a letter from me every single day now since about Jan 3rd. I miss hearing what is going on at Loyalist. No mail from Lynn, who kept me posted on the happenings around the old "hang out".
Gee, if I was still at work, I would have only about 4 months approx. until I retired. That's taking in the summer months when I didn't work. I'd be in a panic, that age 65 was looming and I think I'd be on bended knee to keep me around! I loved my job!

Do you know it took me exactly 267 steps from my parking spot, (I call it mine, because, I was always early enough to get it!) to my office door. I rarely came across anyone else, unless Linda Pipe was in her office, then I'd stop for a laugh or two. Say hello to Doug as I passed his doorway, continue down the brown, brick pathway, unlock the door, flip on the lights, unlock the closet, take off my coat, turn on the computer, get some change out of my purse, and head down to Tim Horton's for my morning cup of java. Chat with a few people along the way or joke with the girls behind the counter. Sometimes Marie would give me a doughnut and sometimes she wouldn't! She knew I was trying to diet, so she'd help me by refusing my usual request of a cruller. Sometimes, she'd be gone from the counter for a minute and I'd get some one else and when the cruller was handed to me, I'd quickly hide it before Marie returned. Gosh, my hand nearly shook until I got out the door!! Then back to the office where 2 or 3 people would already be waiting for me....damn!!! A few minutes later, in would come Lauren and the day would begin, taking sips and bites beween patients. I honestly really miss that place!!! Then of course, in would come John and with any luck, we'd have time for a chat and a laugh, before someone else would be at the counter. They we're fun times!!
So, what does a retired person do instead of the above routine? I got up, cleaned up, got dressed up and went out for breakfast with the girls from the Newcomer's club. Then came home, chatted with Tom, had some company and did some laundry and then sat all day, arranging my pictures on the internet into files.

Tom is still sick, but slowly getting and feeling a little better. He has another appointment at the doctors tomorrow. He can't lay down without coughing, the poor guy! My cold is sort of just sitting there, deciding on if it will become a full blown affair, or maybe let me off a little easy. I keep doing some deep breathing, hoping to keep my airways open. They are the worst to get hit. That and my vocal box.
I was told by my friend today, to make a tea out by boiling an onion and three cloves of garlic and grate some fresh ginger into the brew and boil for 10 min. Then add lemon and honey to it, once in the cup. She said it's wonderful and really cleans the system out. So, when I get this finished, that's what I'm going to do!! Which is right now!!

Short blog today. I'm not feeling up to par either aye!
Picture of the day:

Brad my Grandson, out for a visit.
One of his activities!

Two of his activies!!

Three of his activities!

Thought for the Day: Never let opportunities like the sunbeams pass you by!!I had a teacher when I was about 10 years old, who wrote that in my autograph book. I still haven't figured out what the heck it's suppose to mean, but I never forgot it!!

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