Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dreary, Cold Wind and Misrerable Out Here Today

Well, it sure doesn't feel like Easter week today, but I haven't been out myself, only heard from Tom, what a cold, raw,windy day it was out, so that's enough to keep me inside today.

This darn cold has me really done in, and I can't seem to get rid of it. Actually, that's wrong, I'm pretty well rid of the worst of it....way better, but it's left me feeling so darn weak all the time. It just takes awhile to get over. I made Tom some cookies this morning and my legs were shaking so bad, I had to stop now and then and just have a sit down. Hopefully some strenth and a better mood will come along soon. I need both! I'm as cranky as an old bat, which is not my normal self!
I went to lay down for a snooze, but could only hear Tom chatting on the phone, and overhearing about some negative feed back on my blog! All I can say, if you don't like it, don't read it! Plain and simple!! No skin off my back when I'm getting so many hit's on the counter and having so much fun with it, I don't feel it's a crock of shit! Many other's are enjoying reading it, so I'm happy with that! But, you will never know when the spotlight is on you, when I get writing, with lots of pictures and good stories about you and how wonderful you are! Too bad, so sad!!!

I bet everyone is shopping for last minute Easter things before Good Friday. A good chance to get it before the rush on Saturday. I'll be steering far from the stores that day! We have nothing planned for Easter. We have some Easter eggs the nice bunny left early in a bowl on the table, and stuff in the fridge, so here is where we'll spend Easter. I sure do miss those Easters of the past in Ontario though!!
Does anyone remember the days when the big thing was to have an Easter bonnet? All fancy and of course we wore gloves then too. When kids, we always had a new bonnet, usually white with little flowers in it, white gloves, new patent leather shoes, and a new purse, for church. We always snuck a few easter eggs into our new purse to eat during Mass. For after communion of course!!

I can remember walking to chuch in my new patent leather shoes, and my new dress, that mom had made me, my gloves, new barrettes in my hair, and my brand new carmel coloured spring coat. I thought and felt like the luckiest girl in the world.Every second step, I'd stop and dust off my shoes that gathered there from the dust on the road. Can't have my new shoes, looking dirty and it took me a long time to get to church too!!
I got to the church yard, and was passing though the parking lot and my brand new coat sleeve caught on those old car door handles that used to stick out. I tore the coat, not up the seam, but tore it right up the sleeve. I think the life went out of me at that moment and talk about feeling my high turn to a very low feeling. After church, I went crying home, thinking of the lickin, I'd get for ruining my new coat, but dad took me in his arms, told me he'd have it all repaired this week by the "invisible mender" he knew, and I'd never see where it had been torn. Now, that word invisible mender had me pondering it for a long time. How could there be an invisible mender, and how would Dad ever find him, if he was invisible. But Dad knew everything, so off I went my merryily way and put it out of my mind. I came home from play a few days later and there was my coat hanging up and the invisible mender whoever he was, certainly did a fantastic job, because I couldn't find his mending. My coat was back to new! Took, me a few years of growing up to understand the whole concept!!! But, it's a memory, I hold dear!

Is anyone reading Erkert Tolle's book " The New Earth?'" I'm next in line to get it at the library, but Tom is interested in reading it too, so we may go buy another copy. We followed it along on, on her reading group, and although the first chapter is difficult to get through, the book starts to make sense. But if your interested in following it, Oprah has it on her site, every Monday night, or you can watch it the next day at your leisure. It's VERY interesting and insightful, and it would be super fantastic if the world took this path then the path we are on now. It was the topic of our lunch yesterday as well.

These Vancouver homes don't keep their homes as warm as our condo is nor as warm as we keep our homes in Ontario. I guess the dampness here, makes it cooler, but nobody seems to turn on their furnace, where in Ontario, we just wanted to keep toasty warm homes. Yesterday, at the fun lunch, I was SOOOO cold, I was actually shivering. I know I caught a chill and the cold has seemed to come back on me again and I hope it's not developing an new cold when my resistance was already low. Lord help me now! I don't need another one after surviving that one!! That one was a killer!

Remember the guest book!! One thing about writing this...nobody writes me ANYMORE!! Only I still get these nice fat letters with freinds with no computers at home, so that's still great!

Picture of the Day: This is Isabelle (Belle) and her brother Tom (my husband). One other brother Ed passed away with that horrible disease, cancer, that I wish they'd find a cure for NOW! Isabelle, is a fun person with a fun husband. (another picture, next time) She's a fantastic cook, loves to entertain and a really good person and great mom! Only good people in the Williamson's famlies! They are just back from Palm Springs and leaving again on a cruise to Europe in a few weeks. They do lots of travelling and I envy them but love them!She's my sis in law!!! Ken is my brother....hey Bro!!
Thought for the DAMN day: These are getting harder to do and I may drop this section!!! Let me see, what is the thought for the day!! "Go back to bed Linda and get rid of this cold!!" Okay, it's not inspirational but it's how I feel and all I can come up with.


  1. This is the husband (Tom) leaving a message or comment. First off I think Linda is doing a fantastic job with her Blog. Taking that she didn't know anything about "Blogging" when she first started out and it was by trial and error that she has brought herself along in such an eloquent manner, with humour, smiles and few interesting points of both history and family.

  2. Hi Linda...I guess you heard about the comment I sent re: My latest sensational sardine masterpiece that went off into the ether never to be seen by human eyes.
    But not to worry, it was so good with all the new ingredients I put in that I will soon have another request for it. And as soon as it has been eaten I will send a full report on it and I'll probably be overwhelmed with requests from all your friends wanting the recipe.
    I think I should add that when they (and you) start wanting the recipe they are going to have to be especially nice (after all the comments about gagging and puking
    Hope you are feeling better tomorrow, Linda.

  3. Good Evening Linda,

    Our city was invade by a horrible bug. First it came to my husbands shop took away two of his co-workers for a few days, ran the gamit around the rest of them. Then hubby had a few days off, so guess what? Yeah you got it, the damn bug hit me.

    Now this bug is a strange one, I threw up once and the rest of the time I've been nauseous not wanting to smell, eat or look at food. I've lost 8#'s, however, big deal huh LOL!

    I still don't want to look at food yet.

    Sunday is my birthday and its Easter and I don't want to be sick. Actually, I don't want to celebrate my birthday on another holiday! I'm being selfish because I can! So, I've decided to take the entire week to celebrate. I could go up and down the freeway and visit friends and have a ball.

    I hope you and Tom get better soon, lordy so many people are sick right now its unreal.

    Loved your Easter thoughts while you were growing up. :)

    Have a Happy Easter my dear.
    Peace, Harmony and much love,


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