Friday, March 21, 2008


Good Friday - A Time To Remember

"God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life" (John 3:16 NIV).

A beautiful day here in Vancouver, clear and sunny with a new dusting of fresh snow on the mountain tops.Our day began with Martin and Joan coming over and we went to the White Spot for breakfast. If you've never tried the Monty Egg Benedict, you are missing something delicious!! Fattening, but delicious! The company was great, and always fun going out with Martin and that quick witted Joan!! Gosh, she can come out with some good ones!!

Tom had to go to the chiropractor's close by, so we went to Indigo to wait for him. Yup, life goes on, even on Good Friday!! Nothing is sacred anymore!

Guess what I got today!!! Tom bought me a GPS!!! Yahoo, I'm on the road again....just can't wait to get on the road again...."come'on Willie, lets sing!" So, now, I can go to yard sales too!! Tom and Martin went off into the computer room and Tom came out and handed me the print out that he ordered it. Gee, I got delicious Purdy chocolates too! Tom only got one of those pens that have the post- it notes in them.....I feel awful now!!!
Then I took, one of the ladies who lives in the building, and who sadly totalled her car yesterday, to get some groceries. Some person side-swiped her, but thankfully, nobody was hurt. Then we had a coffee and now I have a coffee high!! My head feels like it's in space somewhere!!

Well, my blog is short today, as I've said, all I can think of for the moment, which is certainly odd eh? Again, maybe it's the coffee!!

So, enjoy the rest of your day wherever and whoever you are! See you tomorrow!
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  1. Linda, that picture is breath takingly beautiful. Is that a word, takingly? Oh well you know what I mean. You know the Hamilton area, Rick and I walked the stairs to the top of the 'mountain'. There are 500. It sure didn't look like that picture when we got to the top. Mind you, you probably have to take a helicopter to the top of that mountain. :)

    Happy Easter, Happy blogging!!!

  2. Sister...your Blog is the BEST!! You have a knack of making people feel like you're actually talking to them...just being yourself. It's's well done...and it's a fun Blog!! Forget the nay-sayers whomever they may be...commenting on the previous day's blog.(I'm refraining from using rather unladylike language to tell 'em what to know what I'm thinking....grrrrrrr) (Don't mess with MY sister!!)
    Ok...that got my blood pressure up!twit

    Do you remember putting out our hats for the Easter Bunny to fill? Yep...I do remember walking to Mass on Easter morning...and asking Mom if we could please NOT wear our winter boots. It was always such a strange feeling to walk in new shoes for the first time after the long feet felt so light! I remember avoiding all the melting snow trying to keep them nice and shiny and clean.

    Do you remember Dad leaving a trail of jelly beans around the yard a few days before Easter... just to show us that the Easter Bunny had been around checking things out? The trail usually led under the front porch...and I can remember trying to look underneath to see if I could see him.
    Was so exciting!!

    Happy Easter Linda and Tom!
    Love you both...lots.
    Sam xoxo


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