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Hi everyone. I'm a little late getting this one out! I really don't know where the day's go, but they seem to fly by, in a blink of an eye. Having this computer on my lap in the living room, sure doesn't help either. I don't get much work done, once I sit down to do one tiny thing on here, I seem to alway's get sidetracked into something else. As you can see, I've changed the look and added a guest book. Everyone seems to be having such a hard time with getting the comment section to work, and I do want to hear from you!

On the blog, that I wrote "Remembering John", a wonderful thing has happened from writing it. First, I heard from one of John's old friends that was quite unaware John had passed away. I don't know how he found out from the blog, but it'a amazing how this thing is getting around. He had good things to say about John ,which was great to hear.
But, as I mentioned in that blog, that John's friend was a fellow by the name of Ted H. A few day's later, I was in Capreolonline, and saw Ted's name, so contacted him. He wrote back and it was his brother Errol,(who in turn, forwarded my letter to Errol)who was John's friend and also his best man at my brother and Suzie's wedding and he had the wedding video as well. John's son and daughter have so little information about their father, and as mentioned also on the blog, because of the age difference, my other brother, and sister, and myself, didn't have many memories of John. Errol has many!!! So, Patrick, and Maryssa, can now have a wonderful source to learn more of their father from. So, if anything more then just something a little entertaining to read, the blog has served a purpose much more important!
Just had a letter from Patrick that the blog on his Dad was also sent and read by my brother's 2nd family..his son John Jr.and his brother Andrew, who we have lost touch with. John and Andrew, if you are reading this, it would be wonderful if you got in touch. Please leave a message. My email is on this site somewhere, but to make it easy for you, it's

Today, I went out to the Newcomers Fun Lunch. A great bunch of girls and it was fun sitting around gabbing all afternoon after enjoying a fabulous lunch (everyone brings a dish) and wine. Some of these girls live a charmed life. Huge, beautiful home's and able to retire as such young ages! Of course married to doctor's help!!

We haven't started to devour all the delicious food yet!

Lot's of good chatting and many stories!

This is Mary, our host, and she's so pretty, and has such a beautiful house1

This is her deck and I can just see me out there around the fire and nice and cosy!

When we left, although it was raining, I stopped and shot this picture of flowers blooming. Somehow, the camera didn't pick up the beautiful pink colour.

How's the snow in Ontario??(snicker)

Well, Survivor just came on, so you know what that means....I'm out of here!! I forgot it was on tonight. I had almost decided to just go to bed tonight instead of the blog, because I was so tired...gosh, I would have missed Survivor!!

The above pictures will have to do as picture of the day.

Thought of the day: Keep your chin up!!!

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