Friday, March 7, 2008

Hello on Friday Night
The weekends here and I can hear most people hollering YAHOO!!

I've been listening to the weather report and sure am glad not to be in Ontario right now, with all the snow you are getting this weekend. It's so good NOT to have to shovel or scrape the car windows. I just had to put this picture here to tease you just a little!

Our weather in Vancouver was delightful today! This morning, while Tom was at the chiropractor's, I took TJ for a long walk along the river, which, when I go next, I have to remember to bring the camera. It's a nice winding walk with apple blossoms in bloom and flowers poking out of the ground and was just a lovely scene that I wanted to show those back home!

After our walk, we brought TJ back home, and then headed off to Tim Hortons for a coffee and muffin. I drink Tim's coffee and it's heaven to me and just gives me that wonderful feeling of home and work. I swear they put something in that coffee, as I never enjoy coffee more then at Tim's.

Then we drove downtown to Tinseltown, and planned on going to the movies to see JUNO, that came highly recommended by Tom's friend Doug. He kept telling us how funny it was. About every 10 minutes, Tom would whisper in my ear.." I'm going to kill Doug!!" After he said that about the 8th time, I said back to him, "I'm going to kill him first!" Really, it wasn't a terrible movie, but not one I'd recommend. The girl in the movie was up for an Academy Award, and she really deserved it,unless all teenagers talk like a she did. Quick talking, smart aleck, little B____!! As for Doug saying it was funny..I think Tom and I gave a little funny snort, once!!!! When the movie ended, out came the cell phone to call Doug and you know what Tom's first words to him were!! It was kind of a teenage movie, but it had cute music in it, which I enjoyed, and I love movies, so I can't complain too much, as it was just fun to go watch one. I'm looking forward to seeing "The Other Boelyn Girl", but Tom didn't want to see it after the high recommendations from our buddy Doug!!! Poor Doug, we do give you a hard time eh!!

From there, we went over to T&T, which is a big Chinese grocery market. We brought home our supper, yet haven't had it yet. We go nuts in T&T, trying different things. When I first came out here, I never would have eaten some of this strange looking stuff, but I've actually come to enjoy a little of the different foods.

Poor Tom has a bit of a chest cold, so he's doctoring himself up right now with hot toddy's with ginger and honey. He seems to get over them so quickly, compared to me! Mine hang on for a month or more.

The news which is on now, is talking about Vancouver's mayor, Sam Sullivan, who is a paraplegic. He was in a skiing accident when he was about 18. He went into deep depression, lived on Social Assistance and eventually over the years, got himself involved with the Paraplegic Association and into some other interests. His hero was Chistopher Reeves who really inspired him as I'm sure Reeves did so many like himself. So, Sam really has become a success story, in getting himself together and ending up mayor of a big city like Vancouver. (Just a tidbit of information from the west coast!)

I hear from so many, that they are having problems with being able to leave comments on the blog. Other's don't have any problem at all. Just click on Comments, leave a little note in the square, type out the little code they ask and sign your name with the message. Click Publish Post and it comes into my email box. If that doesn't work, I love emails!!

Patrick, this is for you!!! Happy Healing with your knee operation and know we are thinking of you! Get well soon.

Dianne, hope your cold is better and we can go out for lunch soon.

To everyone in Ontario, be careful shovelling and driving!!
Picture of the Day:
Don't these look delicious!! Roxanne took this picture when we were at Granville Island when she was here last year

Thought for the day:May the stars carry your sadness away,
May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,
May hope forever wipe away your tears,
And, above all, may silence make you strong.
--Chief Dan George


  1. Hi Linda.Your quote by Dan george reminded me, I knew him. He was a patient of mine at Lion's Gate Hospital several times. Quite a character and he loved to tell stories. He put on quite a performance at one of B.C.'s centenial or some such celebration. We have no snow yet but I think T.O. is getting it. Love Dot

  2. We've gotten it...and getting it still! SNOW! Third wave has been coming through and filling in my walkway again!!! grrrrrr

    Oh to be in lovely Vancouver right now!

    I saw "The Other Boleyn Girl' it was good...not fantastic...just good. But I like Scarlet Yohanssen though.
    Haven't seen Juno...thought I'd want to..but after reading your comments...not so sure! But then weren't impressed with 'Hairspray' or 'No Country for Old Men' I loved them both!

    Gee those strawberries look good.

    ps...I have trouble with the comments too. I always forget my User name and Password here. It's easier if you just click on 'Anonymous'.


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