Thursday, March 6, 2008


Happy Anniversary to US!!
It's our 3rd Wedding Anniversary Today

I love you more today than I did yesterday and will love you more tomorrow and always!

All those who attended at our wedding. Family and our friends John and Eva.

John and Eva called today to wish us a Happy Anniversary, and we are very touched that you remembered!! Lot's of love to you both and thank you!

Also, thanks to Joan for the phone call and remembering too!

It's final!! We are husband and wife!

It's been a wonderful three years, and we've shared so many good times and laughter, and with the help of God, may it continue forever! Maybe next year at this time, we will be able to tell you the news, that I'm expecting, but don't hold your hat!!!!!
So, what did we do today? Well, Martin called and was over on this side of the city at a business meeting and asked if we'd like to meet him for lunch at the Quay. I love going there and seeing all the little shops. So, it was a lovely lunch, the sun is shining and it's sweater weather warm!That's it for my blog today folks. Not much else to tell you about! Except Tom, I love you this much!
Dianne, this is for you!! Get over your cold and get feeling better!! Sending lots of love and remember my remedy for a cold! A hot toddy and two Tylenol for Colds (night time ones) You will sleep like a baby and wake up as good (or almost) as new!!! Thinking of you!

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