Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Keeping Touch on Tuesday

Hello everyone. Everyone we talk to seems to be suffering from this nasty cold! Including Tom and it's creeping up on me by the hour. So, all you people in Ontario, that we laughed at because of the snow, you can laugh at us and our unhealthy people. But, it sure seems to be making the rounds and believe me, it's a rotten one!

Tom was told by the doctor to come back today, if there was no improvement, but after using the inhaler he was given, he seems to be breathing a little better. We haven't heard how his check x-ray turned out, so I imagine nothing showed up, or they would have called. He is to see the doctor again on Thursday, regardless of how he is. However, his humor is still intact and he does break me up now and again in spite of how he feels. I figure, by Thursday, I'll be ready to see the doctor, so will just shove Tommy aside and do my own moaning and groaning. However, nowday's, they just tell you it's a cold and send you home. No more of those good antibiotics. They've become quite stingy with handing them out, but I do know the reason why!

Tom did keep his chiropractor appointment this morning though and I did get some exercise in by walking the dog over to the office and meeting Tom when he was finished. So, we did get out in the fresh air.

Happy Birthday to Patrick! Thought I'd forget about you, eh kid?

We all wish you nothing but the best for you today and the years ahead. I hope this year is extra special! Happy Birthday!

My neighbour in Belleville was telling me she has a guy come shovel for her and if I remember correctly, his going rate was $20.00 to shovel the driveway and he did a great job of it too. He's a little short, very fast walking fellow, somewhere in his 70's, I would guess. Edith, my old neighbour, was saying she had to get him 19 times this year! Wow!! He used to shovel out quite a few driveways too. Then he'd have to come back and shovel out what the plow threw back in and that was always the hardest part of all to remove, because it would be heavy chunks of snow and you'd have to lift it pretty high at the end of the driveway. He is really a marvel!! I used to get him also, until I met a guy who had a snowplow and he'd do it for me as a favour and a cup of coffee. (I can hear John and Lauren laughing from here!) Honestly, just a coffee and maybe a cookie! Then, the lad who I rented the apt. to in my basement, bought a snowblower and he loved to use it, so I really lucked out!! So did some of the neighbours, when he did their driveways for them too.

I had a friend tell me once she had sent a picture of this massive snowstorm we once had, to a friend of her's in Australia. It was a picture how it looked after her driveway had been shovelled. Her friend wrote back, astonished at the snow, but how did we get it to not snow in the driveways!! (Now, that's something stupid that I would likely ask, but thank goodness, there are other stupid people like me out there too!)

Tuesday is always a very noisy day around here. If it's not the garbage truck empting bins, it's the day this area must get a grooming. The noise of hedge and tree trimmers, and noisy leaf blowers are going. Across the way, the next apt. building is putting on a new roof. It's right level with our window and it's quite interesting watching how they haul the stuff up and all the work that goes into it. Behind us is another apt. building and they are getting their decks all re-built. The woman above us, is going to be moving in May and she's slowly packing and right now, she's taking apart a bed and the head board and rails just all fell. How do I know this...she just phoned and told me she was sorry for that banging noise! Yes, it's a noisy day in the neighbourhood!

I doubt if anything interesting to tell you about will take place today, because Tom is snoring, the cat is snoring and looks very comfy in her bed. TJ, just ran under my chair for protection, as she's terrified of things that go bump in the night and also daytime! I'm off to read my book and likely a snooze too. But, I'm also thinking of everyone at Loyalist today and wondering how they are.....ahhhh, poop, it's 6pm there now and everyone isn't hard at work!!! hahaha

My computer just did a burp for some reason (I swear something very moody lives in this laptop). It's in a bad mood quite often and it just re arranged this whole page, all of a sudden. So, I just tried putting it back together and deleted some script, so I guess this is it for today. This is why, there are sometimes big blanks between posts also....everytime I add a picture, I have to re-arrange it all, and I don't understand why the big gaps. I should go and read the help sections I suppose! This morning I was trying to put all my pictures from Picasa in correct folders. It's a great program (can download free from http://picasa.google.com/), but I was becoming very frustrated with it, again, only because I won't go look in help to see how it works properly!!Anyway, that's all folks.

Picture of the day:

A somewhat blurry picture of Peter, my son in law, married to Erin. He was out on business and came for a visit too. Here, he's hiding a letter box. What is a letter box, well, you will just have to go look at another site to find out. http://www.atlasquest.com/

or http://www.letterboxing.org

It's quite fun for the family and we've tried it ourselves and it takes us to places we would have never gone otherwise. Fun thing to do for a weekend and if you search the site in your area, there are probably lots hidden, here in Canada and the US.

Thought for the day: Okay...I have no thoughts and if I go find one, I'll screw this all up again and sleep and reading seems more urgent then spending more time on here for any longer. My eyes are slowly closing! Byeeee

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  1. Are you pampering Tom and making extra nice biscotti for him because he's not feeling well? I sure hope so!!
    Stay well you two!
    Sam xo


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