Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ontario's snow


Hi in Ontario to all you with sore backs and arms from lifting all that snow!

You know there are times, I get terribly homesick for good old home, but this weekend is certainly not one of them!!

I'm sending a few photo's Roxanne sent me from St. Catharines and one from my neighbour from where I lived in Belleville.

This is day one of the storm, at my sister Roxanne's in St. Catharines.

Well, Roxie, got one side cleaned out!

Ohhhh Man, I bet her back is aching now!!! But I think I see tracks of a snowblower, so she must of had help!

Yup! there's the crew!!

Ya gotta love those neighbours with snowblowers eh!

Day 2 of the storm and all that hard work, filled in AGAIN!

AWWWWW DAMN!!! Not again!

There is something about a snowstorm that many people here in BC don't understand, is the fun of a storm and all the neighbours getting out at the same time and working together as a team to get the job done. Everyone works together and nobody stops until everyone's driveway is cleared. It's really quite fun!!! Exhausting and a challenge to get it all done!!

53 Centimeters later! Cat doesn't think much of this!

Now over to Belleville, 3 hours East, along the 401 Corridor, where this is a shot from my neighbours window before the second storm hit!

There is a road out there someplace in the middle. Those snowbanks are getting higher and higher!

Well, that's it for today! No picture of the day or a poem on the delight of snow or how Spring has hit BC. I don't want to get myself killed. I hear another storm is on the way as well.

Happy Shovelling Everyone!!!

Note: Martin (Tom's son) mowed the lawn here today!!

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  1. Hi,
    You're right...even though it's a's envigorating and fun to get outside with everyone pitching in to clear away the snow.(Just as long as it's every once in a while!!) I have GREAT neighbours!
    Loved the last comment about Martin mowing the grass there today...soon...soon we'll be doing that. I have to think POSITIVE!
    Sam xoxo
    ps. Hope Tom's cold is getting better!


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