Wednesday, March 5, 2008



Well, this is going to be one short post! I have absolutely nothing to say, and my life is pretty dull at the moment.
The sun is out and lovely and warm but the wind has a chill in it. We sat around all morning, with Tom cleaning out his office and I was searching through what little I brought in the way of pictures from home to hopefully come up with something neat to show you and tell you about. But, I came up empty handed.

So, we took the dog for a walk by the ocean and he charged around smelling other doggies bums! However, before we got in the car to go anywhere, I went downstairs ahead of Tom, as TJ goes nuts with excitement about going out and he yelps and barks and gets himself almost turned inside out with happiness. So, I took the elevator down first and took a walk up the back lane, so TJ could pee and poo. I'm walking backwards, watching him, so I could do the scoop of poop and stepped in a whole pile of dog doo, left smack in the middle of the driveway. Fresh stuff too, so you can imagine what my shoe looked like! So, I scrapped my shoe in the grass, on the gravel, back on the grass, and on the pavement, until I was safe enough to get in the car when Tom came along a few minutes later and as I got in, I was saying some nasty words!!

Then after the walk we went for fish and chips at C-Lover's. Delicious!! So, I don't have to make any dinner tonight.

Last night, I went to the Newcomer's Meeting and they had two girls from West Van Florist, showing how to make flower displays with loads of tips on how to handle flowers. Do you know you don't use that little package of Floral stuff they give you with roses, with any flowers that come from bulbs, like tulips? Do you know you put pennies in with tulips to make them stand up straight and make them last longer? Do you know that flowers last much longer if you cut them short? Do you know that flowers with thick stems do better if you slit the stem with a clean razor, so the water can get up the stem to the flower? Do you know a little food colouring in the vase with the water, can match the arrangements? Lots of neat things and beautiful arrangements were shown.
I signed up for the night book club, which is being held in the condo, directly above us, so I figure I'd see what a book club is all about. I have the book. "Live, Love and Pray", or something like that. I bought it for the cruise and never read it. So, will start it tonight.
Then I also signed up for the St. Patricks Day brunch, and I have to make some sort of sweet green thing. Also, signed up for the Breakfast out with the girls.

One of the girls brought this delicious dessert she made up last night. She bought some good chocolate from Purdy's which is like Laura Secord in Ontario and one of those bars of 85% dark Cocoa, and melted them both and poured them over blueberries. They were like delicious little cookies! Everyone went nuts over them!! So, I had two as well as two cups of coffee! So at 1 am, after still being awake, I got up, and Tom did too, and he had decaffinated tea and I had hot milk all frothed up with one of those little frothers. Delicious! Back to bed and tossed and turned all night! So, I'm very tired at the moment.

We brought the camera with us on our walk, but then forgot it in the car, soooo, I'm digging into what I have for today's pictures

Picture of the day: Batman snoozing in the sun!

Thought for the day

Kitty's Bedtime Prayer
Now I lay me down to sleep,I pray this cushy life to keep.I pray for toys that look like mice,and sofa cushions, soft and nice.For grocery bags where I can hide,just like a tiger, crouched inside!I pray for gourmet Kitty snacks,and someone nice to scratch my back.For window sills all warm and bright,for shadows to explore at night.I pray I'll always stay real cool,and keep the secret feline rule.To NEVER tell a human that...the world is really ruled by CATS

Sincerely the Cat!


  1. See, you did have something to say! You can make conversation so easy and do it so well. I must look up some more old photos to send your way.

    At the moment (the past two weeks) I have been organizing my video collection and trying to get my bookshelves looking halfway decent - very time consuming and Linda, it is nothing like spring here as we've just had another major winter storm and I am bloody sick of this darn white stuff!!!

    Auntie I

  2. Did you know that if you make a hole with a pin near the top of the stem of a tulip they will stand up straighter?


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