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Ahhhh, remember Burt and Ernie, aka Blues Brothers? Those we're the days of good television for children. Although I don't even know if Sesame Street is still on TV anymore, but I used to sit and enjoy watching it with my children. My favourite character was "Cooking Monster", but then, I can really relate to him, being a bit of one myself. I was a great fan of the Muppet Show as well. I wish it was still on!

Here's the next generation of children's television shows. Little Byron, Tom's great-grandson.

3 Days Old

Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Mom (4 Generations)

Meredith and her Dad

Joan (Grandma)
Heather making sure I don't drop him!

Kevin and Heather (parents of Byron)

Grandpa Martin

Proud Grandpa

Today, I got up an hour earlier then my normal time of 8am and got busy baking Tom his cookies, muffins, and tonight even made him rice pudding for dessert! He wonder's what he did to deserve all these good treats.

Tom told me, he is living with two different women. One who is really nice and in a good mood during the day, but turns into someone else during the night. I guess, I'm not my daytime self through the night if I get woke up, or have no room. Tom says he sleeps gripping onto the edge of the mattress, so he doesn't fall off, because I hog the bed!!! Imagine that!!! I never knew!!! I believe I mentioned before we got married, that I'm not good at being woke up! He should have listened!! hahahahah

Today, we went to get cat food and was heading to Walmart where it's the cheapest, but on the way there, I decided, that I could pick up the few things I needed as well as a couple of cans of cat food to last a few days at the grocery store instead. Well, that was a wrong move!! I came out with many bags, a long cash register receipt, and two cans of cat food! They only had two cans!!

So, if the cat doesn't eat, we certainly will!! Food is certainly getting much more noticably expensive!! Maybe I should clean out the freezer and not shop until it's empty!

We had an earthquake here at 4.8 yesterday, and nobody felt it. There has been a lot of news lately of eathquakes and the fault running right through here! This morning, Tom had gotten up and Batman was up on the bed by my feet, and he had an itch and was scratching. In my sleep haze, I could feel the bed moving and thought it was an earthquake. I now know how I'll react if one happens during the night, if I act the same way as I did this morning, which was, a sleepy and uncaring "ohhhh, an earthquake..yawn, snore, snore!"

Well, it's that hour to make dinner. It's a huge spinach salad with strawberries, pecans, onions, cheese, and lots of shrimp, a toasted croissant, and of course...rice pudding!

Picture of the Day: This is a Pieris tree or bush, and it's beautiful. It has little white bells, likelily of the valley on it. I've never seen one in Belleville. By the's raining again!

Quote of the day: Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration.

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