Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hello on Sunday

Well, what wild and wonderful thing can I tell you about I lead a wild life eh!

Out of bed in a rush, as arrangements had been to be in Ladner for breakfast with Tom's family and to see the new arrival, Byron, 3 days old!
He's a beautiful baby and even though we all fussed over him, he was not at all interested in us and slept right through being passed around and cuddled.
I don't have the pictures off the camera yet, but will tomorrow.

Then over to see the baby's nursery and how cute it is. Lucky little boy!

Then off to see Meredith and Dave's new home and what a beauty it is too! They are still getting moved in and I'm sure when they get it all together it will be a showpiece.

Then over to Martin and Joan's for tea and cookies and some chitter chatter.

Then Home!

Gas here is 132.5 a Liter!

I'd say, that's Highway Robbery!!
Maybe, we will soon have to get a bike like my picture on the heading, but ohhhh my, the hills here!! Not to mention the traffic! I'd get killed one way or another for sure! Heart attack, or car attack!

Since this last sentence this site has been acting funny and eliminating text on me, and other things, so I'm just going to say goodnight and hopefully it will sort itself out tomorrow. The site I'm using, must be doing something at the moment. It's very unstable. Goodbye, before I lose everything!!

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