Sunday, April 13, 2008



From all the many dogs we seen at Doggie Park,this morning and those few cat's we didn't see, we all send you a Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was our Red Hat Murder Mystery Party! it was loads of fun, good laughs, good company and good food. Nobody guessed who the murderer was, but I almost wrote down her name and then at the last minute, changed it, which proves...always go with your gut feeling!

The ones of us who had parts, had to dress and act the part all day while the game went on.

On the left, we had the inspector, who didn't realize she was sitting next to our little, innocent looking Indian lady in her Sari. She was the MURDERER! Nex to her, Sharon was dolled up as a society girl and was in a long dress.

This is Gert who" I think owned a sports team" I forget her part, but she was great in it. Next to her was the poor lady who had 15 kids!! Behind are the ladies wearing the red hats who were the spectators.

Below, this role was the sports person, who was into diving. What a get up eh? She won best costume.

On the left is the biker chick who was really good in her part. I'm not sure what part the middle player was suppose to be, and next was the girl who rode horses.

I had a very small part of owning a restaurant and was more of a gossiper and told what I heard the other suspects saying in conversation.

Between acts, we ate, talked and sat outside on a beautful day in a beautiful place.

So, that was yesterday! Today was just out for breakfast and then taking the dog for a walk, then home and I've been on here ever since. Tom has been on his computer. Now we are both going to read our books, that we can't get our noses out of. I have no idea what is for supper but the fridge is full, so we won't starve!

Picture of the day: This is one of the Spirit Bears they had all over Vancouver and area last summer and then they were auctioned off. The one at our shopping center has a bear holding a Maltese like TJ. The bears we're all handpainted to depict life around the city. It's a very interesting site if you'd like to go have a look at all the wonderful idea's they had for painting them. Some we're bought privately and some by businesses for their storefronts. I wanted on, but couldn't afford the price. I think they raised money for Easter Seals

Thought of the day: In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit

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  1. what a beautifuls spot to hold your Murder Mystery! Lovely sunny day too.
    We have spring here for sure now. I saw a robin yesterday. (Everyone's been saying they've been around for a long time now...but the poor things must have been shivering in the cold.
    Sam xoxo


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