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Hey....whatcha doing?

Oh what a beautiful morning...oh what a beautiful day, Everything's coming up roses,

Everything's going my way!

(sounds like a song eh?)

I'm sitting her in my nightgown at 8:14 am writing on this blog!! I just had a shower and air drying my hair to get more curl for the buck! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Tom is doing his class on the computer, TJ just went out on the deck, and Batman is out on the bedroom deck soaking up the rays.

Isn't this fellow on my page a cute croc, or alligator. I can never tell the difference, just know I don't want to meet up with a real one, but I came close one time. I was down at my girlfriends place in West Palm Beach, Florida, and she has a summer place in a beautiful, posh trailer park. I went out for an early morning stroll and down at one end of the park was this scenic little park-like area with a little stream of water winding around the perimeter of the park. There was a little kind of a dock built out over the water and I sat down on the dock and took off my shoes and was dangling my feet in the water and sat in the sun, lost in thought for about 10 minutes, then finally decided to mosy on home again. I strolled with my shoes in my hands and walked halfway back across the grass,then stopped to lean against a sign while I put on my shoes. Then turned to look at what the sign read.



Well, I think I ran so fast my feet never touched the ground after that!

I asked a fellow I met up with, (who I found out was the grounds keeper) how true the sign was and YES, it was true..very true! Often in the morning, the gater's come up on the grass to sun themselves, but even the vibration of someone walking will make them scatter, and yes, they see the odd snake. Also, he said, because of the lack of rain they had, the gater's were likely in a deeper area then where I had been. He warned me not to stroll around in there! I think that was the only time in my life, I was glad to be heavy and make VIBRATION enough to RUMBLE the ground and scare the gaters!!

Well, it's now 10:45 am, we've had breakfast of ham, egg, cheese omelet on a croissant and have sat her reading the Vancouver Sun newspaper and now my good mood has faded somewhat, after reading how nuts the world has become. Why does there has to be so much hatred, why are women and children treated so horribly, why this, why that...what is the matter with you people out there??? Everything I read scares me. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a newspaper filled with all good things. Would people read want to hear about everyone else's suffering, but the way the world is going, someday, it may be our suffering that's in the paper! I wish, I wish,I wish things would change and there would be peace and love and the wonderful place we call home...our world would be healed of all it's enviromental problems. I wish for so much. Don't YOU???

Well, off my soapbox, and onto getting dressed now and taking the dog and Tom for a walk maybe down to the seawall and the pier to see the people fishing, or off to the Library to restock my supply of reading material. I must have read 4 books this week. All Sophia Kinsella's Shopaholic, easy read books, but quite funny and entertaining. Her character in the books is such an air-head!

I'm going to add a little piece of Vancouver's sights and news to show you around the area in upcoming blogs. This first attempt is the Nine O'Clock Gun which is heard as far over as we are and it's really kind of neat. We also have and can hear from our place the first few bars of "Oh Canda" at noon. Have a look and then I'll tell you of a prank that happened.

Click on the little forward arrow on the first picture.

By Lena Sin
The Province
Thursday, February 28, 2008
VANCOUUVER -- Stanley Park's historic nine-o'clock gun was back to its rightfully bronzed self Thursday morning, weeks after a prank by University of B.C. engineering students left it coated in red latex paint.
"It's the best it's looked since I've been here," said a triumphant Dennis Dooley, a groundskeeper for Brockton Point, where the gun is located.
After weeks of silence, the gun's restoration was marked with a morning blast.
At 10 a.m., Dooley used a wooden stick to carefully tap a bag of gunpowder into the newly polished cannon, then stood back as a computer triggered an electric shock to ignite an ear-deafening pop.
"Vancouver doesn't have a lot of tradition," he said. "I know we're happy to have it back just for tradition."
In early February, UBC engineering students kicked off a booze-filled week to celebrate engineering week. As dictated by tradition, the students pull off pranks and hang a red Volkswagen Beetle off a public structure every year. (This year, they chose to hang the car off the Lions Gate Bridge.)
Vancouver Parks Board chairwoman Korina Houghton said she hoped the students would show some goodwill and pony up for the cost of repairing the gun.
Dooley, who's been loading the gun every morning with a pound-and-a-half of gunpowder for the past 22 years, said he wasn't too happy when he found it swathed in red.
"The engineers have had their week and hopefully they'll think of something better to do next year and in the future," said Dooley. "It's not the first time they've picked on the gun, but hopefully it's the last time."
A bill will be sent to the students, but Dooley refused to disclose the exact amount.
He said it cost several thousand dollars to power-wash, sandblast, polish and assess the structural integrity of the bronze gun.
The gun's wooden carriage was sanded and repaired.
The gun was cast in Woolwich, England, in 1816. It was brought to Stanley Park in about 1894 and used as a 9 p.m. time signal for the public and to allow chronometers of ships in port to be set.

Miserable kids eh? What prank to paint red on that lovely brass. I'm going to attempt to put some soft music on the blog as soon as I wake up one day, with enough brains, to figure out how to do it. Let me know if you like the added feature or not.

Picture of the day: Picture of Indian carvings around the Totem Pole area of Stanley Park.

Thought of the day: There is little chance that meteorologists can solve the mysteries of weather until they gain an understanding of the mutual attraction of rain and weekends

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  1. All the things you wish for will come true Linda, if you look in the Bible, Revelation 21:3-5, you will see God's response to your plea.

    Thanks for the Vancouver history. They must not be making the fines high enough if the students are still playing such destructive 'pranks'. Can you imagine what your Dad would have done or said to the students if he caught them defacing on of the locomotives in Capreol?

    Have a great week and happy blogging!



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