Friday, April 18, 2008



Roxanne waited and worried about TJ. The plane was 45 minutes late! Where's my new dog??
Awwww, she looks so scared and wants out of there sooo badly. Who are all these people???

Finally...TJ is with his new MOM!

This is Linda who came to visit in Vancouver and came to help me off the plane. She's a really nice lady!

I'm checking this place's very nice!

Wow!! look at this big backyard This is going to be really neat!

I can't get out, so I'm going to be safe here!

I thought I was safe, until I saw this fellow. He's not friendly like Batman. He keeps hissing at me!

Ohhh my gosh....another cat!! Don't go in there fella, you may end up in Vancouver!!

Ohh, another little cute cat, but this one is terrified of me. Here kitty, kitty, come be my friend!

If I could only figure out how this cat/dog door works. If the cats can do it, I can!

This is the nice lady who lives next door! She seems nice and I bet she'll pass cookies over the fence to me.

What a day! I wonder what my Vancouver Mom and Dad are doing. Oh well, I'm tired, so will think about it tomorrow!

Roxanne said TJ is settling in and seems content and just busy taking everything in, but will soon feel right at home.

It's really windy in Vancouver today and everything on the patio has blown every which way. I envy TJ in the warm Ontario weather! Soon, hopefully, the warm air will be here too.

We went out for Pizza last night, and Tom was up all night with a bad stomach, which isn't surprising, as it happens time and time again, yet it looks too yummy to pass up. I didn't even hear him! Tom said, I just continued to snore without missing a beat! How embarrassing!!

We are just getting ready to go out, so I have to end this. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Back tomorrow!!


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