Thursday, April 17, 2008



And hello to my new brother and sister....more CATS!! One of them doesn't like me very much! He looks just like Batman, so I thought I still had my friend with me, but it turned out this cat, only looked like Batman. He's mean and he hisses at me and makes me very scared. I have to run to my new MOM for protection.

This cat is not afraid of me like Batman was, so Ihave to say, I do miss my old friend Batman!!
My cage that I was shipped in was comfy and I had my clothes packed with me. (Yes, I have my raincoats and my handmade woolen sweaters with me to keep me warm in the Ontario winters.)
We had to get up at 4 am. and I was all snuggled in with my Vancouver Mom and Dad, and couldn't figure out why they were getting up and dressed so early in the morning. I knew it has something to do with me, because I heard my name mentioned often. Something was up!!!
Then all of a sudden we were going in the car and I was all excited to be going somewhere. I sure didn't know how far I was going!! I might have just stayed in bed!!
I had to stay in my cage and some man took me away from Vancouver Mom and Dad. I hardly had time to say goodbye and I could see tears in their eye's and then I became afraid, when I saw them walking away without me. The man took me someplace, and after waiting for awhile, I ended up going on a really fast baggage cart to a huge big plane. They put me in the plane and I was really scared with the banging and clanging, but all of a sudden a big noise started up and I could feel us up in the air. I'd done this before one time, so I knew what it was. I was going on a trip!! A holiday.....a vacation!! Yipppeee.
Then all of a sudden, I was on another fast ride on a baggage cart, and someone was mentioning my name again.
All of a sudden, there were two ladies.They looked familiar, but one sounded and looked like my Vancouver Mom, and I really like her. I think she's going to be my new MOM. She fed me and gave me water and a little walk. It was nice in warm in Ontario.
Then we went for ride in the car and and we came to a really nice house, that I'm going to like living in, it has a nice back yard and tons of room and My new Mom is REALLY NICE. I'm just not too sure about these cats, but I'll win them over and before you know it, we will be friends. I just hope they don't take my dog bones. I'll really have to hide them well now!!
Well, I can't send pictures of TJ's big day. The pictures Roxanne sent was on some kind of program that won't allow me to save them. Maybe she will send them again, in normal format, so I can show you some on tomorrow's blog.
Well, my favourite show Survivor starts now and because we've been up since 4am, I can hardly keep my eyes open, so will make this a REALLY short blog and catch up tomorrow.
Love from Tom and Linda and Batman
and TJ
we miss you!!

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