Sunday, April 20, 2008


IT'S 'S OF THOSE DAY! Woke up this morning and this is how I felt. I got worse as the day went by. I just decided that it's been a hard week so I was going to stay in bed, read and eat ice cream and strawberries!

And boy did I ever sleep and I'm ready now to head back to bed and sleep some more!

If I was a working girl, I'd be taking a MENTAL HEALTH DAY!!! Sometimes, you just need one!
I'm worn out of thought, ambition, energy and my fingers don't even work well.


Guess what, you get a reprieve tonight and no long blog!!!

I'm heading back to bed!

Tomorrow is another day, God be willing and the creeks don't raise! (Don't know what they mean by the "creeks don't raise", I just remember it from HeeHaw show. Or was it The Ernie Ford Show?) Geez I better stop this, or I'll hear from Doug, laughing about my age again!

Thanks for continuing to check in and I'll see you tomorrow, when I we have done something, but we did nothing today, except snore and you don't want to hear about that!!

Night night!!

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