Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Three Little Angels, I wonder who they could be??

Let's call one Erica, one is Sarah and other other Erin.

I'm not sure if they are PERFECT angels, but I bet close to it. Erica and Sarah are my granddaughter's and Erin is my daughter. I'm really doubtful Erin is an angel!!! I know too much!!

I know Erica is either getting her grades up, or reading the Bible! (wrote with tongue in cheek), Sarah won third prize at the Science Fair on the weekend! Way to go Sarah!!!

I also hear that Spring has hit Ontario finally! I keep sending home wonderful pictures of what Spring in Vancouver is like now, and I know you felt like hitting me over the head! Then this morning news of the flooding to hit the Moira River in Belleville. Not good news for those living along the River. I know what it's like to have a flood in the house and my sympathies are with you all!

Here are few more pictures we took at the dog park recently. One woman was walking all those big dogs.

At Doggie Park, look toward the Lion's Gate Bridge

Looking West. See the mountains in the distance. That's Victoria!!
Some flowers I stopped to take a picture of today. Pretty arn't they!!

Tom walking through Doggie Park

Tom sitting in and enjoying the sun!

That's it folks for today. Lots of pictures, so don't need picture of the day. Besides, the more I add the more you have to scroll down to the previous blog! Just can't seem to find out a better way of doing this without that happening!

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