Friday, May 9, 2008


Hi there to everyone on a lovely day in Vancouver. I just got back from getting a few groceries to do some baking. I promised I'd make Tom, my special biscotti's, but we got looking at a cd, with 400 picture on it, of the burning of our cottage, that we had sold. It was pretty sad to look at.
It took most of the baking day up, and now, I don't feel like baking at all. So, I put it all way until tomorrow.
Gosh, I have window yet to do, the outdoor patio to steam clean as well as in here! Just not enough time, or else I just tucker out too easily these days. Maybe a bit of both!!

The ground outside is just covered with pink blossoms from the trees. It's like a party was held outdoors and pink confetti was thrown everywhere. The aroma from the trees and all the blooming flowers is beautiful. Makes one glad to be alive!

Did anyone watch Survivor last night? What a show!!! That dummy and sooo gullible Eric couldn't see what those women were doing do him and handed over his necklace to keep him safe, to one of those evil, but very smart and crafty women, who couldn't keep her face straight long enough by even saying "Thank YOU!" I couldn't believe what guilt they layed on him and Eric lapped the guilt up and gave into them! Ugggggh, I could hardly believe it!!! I had a laugh when James said, at least now, he's not the dumbest player, ever to be on Survivor! Another laugh when Eric turns to the women with a grin and says "You women drive me NUTS".....hahahahhahahahha!

Roxanne, you must be ready to kick him where the sun don't shine!! You might have won the pot!!! Soooo close kiddo!! I can't wait until Sunday night, and the finale. Gosh, I hope they never take that show off the TV, it's so much fun to watch each week. Especially when there is some gambling going on between us, with the Survivor pot thanks to Bill and Dianne.

I was sure I'd hear from SOMEBODY about our trip to Alaska in August, but nobody, except Bill has mentioned it. Everyone around here is so cavalier about going on a trip, like it's nothing, but I get so excited and will be until we are home again! My tummy feels like popcorn popping, when I think of it! Like....Alaska....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I hope everyone has a terrific weekend and it's full of sunshine and you have something fun to do! (I'll be baking!!)

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