Thursday, May 8, 2008



Actually, I'm having a diet orange Crush, and some Belleville's Hawkin's Cheezies instead of tea.
I don't know why I have the munchies, when we just came back, awhile ago, from having lunch with Tom's daughter, Meredith at a place called Earls, which is restaurant chain here. I left there, full to the brim, but I just need that something sweet taste!
They have Purdy's Chocolate out here, which is like Ontario's Laura Secord. Purdy's make this delicious ginger chocolates, and sometimes, I get spoiled and Tom will surprise me with a box of them. They never last long though! I can never eat one and put the box away, I have to eat them until they are either gone, or I'm sick! Sick usually comes when I finish the whole box, as well as guilt and shame, knocking on my shoulder!!
Nothing else to really tell you about. It's cool here today, nothing else new! I'm just looking forward to Survivor tonight and of course the grand finale on Sunday, where I'll be glued to the television. It's the only program on TV, I look forward to. I'll be happy when the Amazing Race begins again. Love that show too!!
This is a short blog. I have nothing to say!! I'm also being a tad lazy!
So with that, I'll say bye for now, and see you tomorrow, and have a GREAT day!!

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