Monday, May 12, 2008


Well, here it is the day after us Mom's we're honoured for being MOMS! I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I know I did!
For those Mom's who had the kids come home to celebrate, my thoughts are with you today!!

For Meredith and Dave who had a gang over for Mother's Day, and went to a ton of trouble, I thank you!!
This picture below, describes what's happening at many Mother's home's today when the children celebrated there!

Yesterday, Meredith & Dave and Martin and Joan my step-children and spouse's,(my, I never thought I'd have step-children!), really made me so thankful, that they are the wonderful people they are and that they really made me feel very special on Mother's Day, with a terrific breakfast, and beautiful bouquets of flowers from them both. It was truly touching and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Moments like that really go straight to the heart and are never forgotten. It's so wonderful to know and for the kids to realize, I'm not the EVIL STEP-MOTHER as portrayed in jokes and stories.

Then my kid's called and it was so good to hear from them, and to talk to my grandchildren as well. My, are they all growing up and I'm missing it all!! Matthew is going to Cornwall to school in the Fall and Brad is going for his driver's licence this week. Erica, was away for the day, and Sarah was having a bad day and getting scolded, so never got to speak to her. But Sarah called me the other day and we had a nice conversation. I love you ALL!!

I'm going to leave this blog for a few hours and get some work done, so will be back. The whole building is sorting through junk and setting it outside for a big pick-up tomorrow. Our chance to get rid of STUFF!! We put out these cute nesting tables last night and they were gone tomorrow, and I found a wicker chair, I grabbed, so it's like a big free "take it, if you want it!". I'll let you know later, if I got any treasures and someone elses JUNK!


No treasures at all, it's all junk!! We added some things and found a few things in our own junk pile, we could use. There was much more I could have thrown out,but Tom say's we may need it...Right!!!!
It's a sort of dull, not very warm day here today. Where is the darn heat??
I keep talking about getting window's done, but I never get them even started!
Guess what...I'm going for a snooze now. Forget the window's!! I couldn't sleep last night, after watching the exciting finale of Survivor, and then read to almost the last 2 chapters of my book. When I finally put it down, I thought I was ready for sleep, but my mind kept returning to the TV show, the wonderful day we had, and the exciting closing of my book. The last time, I glanced at the clock was 2:30 am. I'm tired!!
I'm leaving you with this cartoon, that I got a chuckle out of. Hope you do too! The dog once ate Tom's hearing aids, and the cat sleep on the bottom of the bed, so anything can happen!!!

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