Monday, May 12, 2008


Hello on Tuesday
As you can see, I changed the format a little and now the past blogs, and address book and book titles are wayyyy down on the bottom of the page. Just keep scrolling! I have more room like this, so will try it for awhile to see if it's better.
This is our weather in Vancouver today! Need I say more?

However, we made the most of it and met Dianne and Bill for lunch in North Vancouver at a place called "Memphis Blues", a rib and pulled pork, BBQ type restaurant, that was very good. As always, a great time with them, with great conversation and many, many laughs. I always hate to leave and look forward to our next lunch.

I have no books to read at the moment. I finished "Navigator of New York", and it was a struggle, as it was slow reading. Just sort of draggy, but better near the end. Maybe, I'll go out after Oprah and head up to the Library.

We are watching Oprah now, and it's about life regression and I find the topic so interesting and would love to be hypnotised and brought back to a former life. Wouldn't you? I remember one time, I went with a girlfriend who was being hypnotised to help her with her dieting. She was afraid to go alone, and be "under", so I was allowed to sit in the same room as her, but down at the other end, which was a long room. I could hear him talking to her and I was listening intently and was aware of his voice only. All of a sudden he was snapping his fingers in front of my face, and telling me to wake up. It didn't work for her, but sure did for me. However, because I wasn't paying him for the session, he didn't help me with my dieting!! But I knew that I had certainly been hypnotized!

Well, that's it folk's. Not too interesting today. Don't forget if you would like to leave a message, scroll to the very bottom, as far as you can go and go to where it say's something about guestbook. It's easy and I love to hear from you! Give me some input if you like the blog in big print and this format or the old way. PLEASE!

Picture of the day: Roxanne at Granville Island. All the pigeons were on the ground then suddenly took flight
Couldn't resist throwing this one in!!

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