Thursday, May 29, 2008


Perspective, depth of field, f stops and infinity, and many other terms that I learned in my night school photo class, many years ago. What fun it all was learning how to use a 135 SLR Canon camera...not the digital kind! I even used to run down on my lengthy lunch break and develop them in the dark room at the College and then during my coffee break, run down and retrieve them from the drying rack. I think unrolling them from spool to spool in complete darkness was the hardest thing to get the knack off. That, and inhaling the chemicals and fumes from the developing fluid....ohhhh, horrible!! If anyone reading this from Belleville and remembers Rich Viau, he was first a student who worked with us in the Library, then he became a Professer in Photography. A great fun person with that artists, hippy look. and we'd both squeeze into the darkroom together as his hands guided mine in teaching me to unroll the film from the camera onto the spool for developing. Close quarters in there, and we had a few good giggles escaping through the door to the people waiting in line to get their roll of film off the spools. Nothing like you think though...Rich and I had the same sense of humour and kept cracking jokes. Rich lives out here in BC somewhere and if anyone knows where, let me know! I'd love to know what happened to him and maybe we could all get together for a lunch and gasp at how we've both changed by the ravishes of age. He probably wears a suit and is bald now but I'd bet his sense of humor is unchanged!

Poor Lynn, my friend I worked with, would end up being my subject in lots of these pictures and of we'd go out on beautiful Fall days, while I tried to capture great pictures, that would be critiqued by the MASTER in class that week. All those photo's are again at home, and how I would love to show you some of them. They are pretty bad and pretty darn funny! One day, I'll get them back and if this blog is still going, I'll include them.
Now, I get my camera out and can't figure out what to do with it anymore. It was a fun course and I very much enjoy taking pictures, so I should get it out and get studying it again, but it won't be the same without Rich, Lynn and of course Bob T, from AV dept. who helped me with many questions that he answered so patiently.

I love the new digital cameras that fit in the purse, but I had every bell and whistle that went with this camera and what fun I had with it. I should take it up again, and hopefully it will all come back to me, because right now, even figuring out a digital one at my age is a exhausting challenge! Besides carrying all the paraphernalia that goes with it, is now too heavy to carry!

Well, sometimes, I just download a picture of anything and that sets my story! So thats it!!

Today was cool, we did ZIP all day today and I'm already tired and ready to go back for an early night in bed. Man, I need a kick in the keister to get myself out walking!! Tomorrow to the Library...for sure!!

Picture of the day: Not sure this will work, but going to try it. I think it works....did for me. TJ is carrying on a conversation with Roxanne's friend. She has he dog Molly over and TJ's friend. They go walking together and get along well.. Hope it works for you!!

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