Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hello, hello, hello....can you hear me over the thunder of the herd of these creatures? Those birds must bother them like mosquitoes bother us!

Yesterday was a full day and today as well has been busy. Where do the days go?
Isabelle and Ken came over yesterday in their brand new big truck, that pulls their brand new big motor home! What a beaut!!

We had a good dinner and then tried out the truck by driving to the top of Cypress Bowl on Hollyburn Mountain. Right to the top!! I don't know what the elevation is but there is snow up there and quite cool and very beautiful!

This is the view from HALF WAY up the mountain. Very beautiful. Can you pick out the Lion's Gate Bridge and the green area to the right is Stanley Park, also on the othr side of the Bridge where you see more greenery. Those low line of white things, is Canada Place and where the cruise ships arrive and depart from. We live, pretty well, straight down the mountain in front of us.....thereabouts!

Almost at the top, at least as far as the road will go. From here, we'd have to ride the ski lift. Look at that SNOW and it was sure considerably cooler up there!!

Belle, making a snow angel!! In her 70's, but still a kid at heart! ( I may get a nasty phone call for revealing her age!)We needed longer arms to get us all in the picture, or a bear to appear out of the bush, to take a picture for us!!

Tom in his shirt that was a gift from a friend in Indonesia. Pretty flashy eh! It's really pretty up close, and the guy wearing it, is pretty nice too!!

Today, I went shopping for the afternoon with my friend Patricia. We had lunch and then a relaxing sit down and break with a coffee. Then home again. That was the day so far!! We have yet to have dinner, but we are munching on Cheezies, (made in Belleville), so we probably may skip dinner tonight.

Enough pictures for now, it's Thought of the day time!

If you want to be seen, stand up. If you want to be heard, speak up! If you want to be appreciated-sit down & shut up!

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