Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hello Down There!

Well, they sure all like a bunch of little nerds, don't they? Peeking down to see what you are doing. What ARE you doing, on a Sunday afternoon?
If anyone noticed,I missed writing the blog for the first time since I started it in January of this year. I was so exausted last night when we got home, and aching in all my bones. So, I just had a bath and already Tom was in bed.

We met Joan and Martin for breakfast on their side of town in Ladner. We switch almost every week. Then we went to one of my favourite things!! Betty, can you guess what it is?
Meredith and Dave had a big one and this is their 3rd one this month to get rid of two big homes, to move into one and selling all things in both houses and buying everything new! I wish I had of been at the first and second sale, because the third sale had some GREAT buys!

Some Great Bargains!!

Just some of the great buys, much went before I took these pictures!

Needless to say, I came home with a few things! A lovely wicker bakers rack, which is in the hallway until we decide if we like it there. Also some little baskets, a clock, and some other nice stuff. I wanted it All!! It's a good thing we don't have a basement!

Then Joan and her sister Gloria and I went shopping and to test out Gloria's new beautiful Mazda. Lovely car and fun people to shop with.

By this time, my energy was starting to drain, and it was time to head back and meet 14 of family members for Chinese Food at a restauant.

Diane (Kevin's Step-Mother), Kevin, Heather (Tom's Granddaughter and she holding baby Byron), The groom and bride to be, Dave and Meredith

Gloria (Joan's sister) reading to the kids of Kevin's sister Kim,Then Kevin's father and his wife Dianne

Linda and her step-son Martin having hug, while Joan stresses over the mounting bill!

Can't you see the wheels turning in her head while she calculated who owes what! Glad she did it, or we'd still be there!!

Baby Bryron, and his Nana (I've been blessed with a name for him to call me...I love it!)Well, that's all for my blog today. I have much to do, and I have the bathroom all pulled apart trying out the new, beautiful new bathroom drapes for the tub, that I got at the sale. Are they nice!!! But not sure if they are going to make out bathroom on the small side looking. Colours can do that and I'm so terrible with colours!!!

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow

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