Monday, May 26, 2008


Isn't it amazing, how beautiful a poppy is and how a field of them waving and swaying in a breeze, is a sight to behold, yet looking at them, can bring two very opposite thoughts to mind. One thought of poppies will remind us of Remembrance Day and of those that died, to give us the freedom that we enjoy everyday. The other thought, is the destruction a poppy field can do, when harvested and turned to opium that can destroy lives and wreak havoc in so many ways.

The day began with a little sun, but it was iffy as to if it was going to stay out or not. It did, until, what I call the turning point, and that's around 4 pm or so. If it's sunny, it will rain, if it begins with a rainy day, at approximately 4 pm, the sun will shine. Well, it's 4:08 and my prediction has come true and it's now started to rain!! Who needs a weather forecaster....just go with my theory!
We we're up early as the building was having the fire alarms and the everyone's individual smoke alarm tested and batteries replaced if needed. So the alarms went on and off for about an hour this morning. It's a sound that grates on the nerves and I was glad when they were finished, but about that time, we were heading out the door anyway!

We had a few stops we had to return things, pick things up at, and then of course our regular Tim Horton's break, then to pick up some groceries.

My sciatica nerve is bothing me after doing some small bit of lifting this weekend, and it upsets me to know that it's just a reminder that I can't do the things I could do so easily at one time, and that age is tapping on my shoulder.....or hip and back!

I got the ironing board out when we got home to do the dreaded ironing, but had to put it away, when the pain pills I took just refused to give some relief! Damn, getting old isn't fun!!

That red spot on the left leg is where it's killing me!!!
Tom said he's making dinner tonight, so that's a relief!

Picture of the day:

This was back on our Panama trip. I think we were in Columbia. In August, we'll be gone again, but ALASKA! I can't wait!

Thought for the day! The closest to perfection a person ever comes is when he fills out a job application

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