Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Batman the Book Lover!

Old Batty is such a nutty cat! For an old cat, he sure has so much energy and fun left in him, but he can't jump up very high any more. My lap is too high for him as well as the bed. I have a little file case sitting beside my bed, that he now has to jump up onto it and then make the jump to the bed. However, when he jumps up, I never have any notice and he makes the leap, right beside my pillow! Scares the daylights out of me!! Batty has to be about 17 or 18 years now. He rarely leaves my side anymore, sleeps and eats and still greets us at the door when we come home. Then he has his moments where you would think he fell into a stash of catnip, and runs up and down the hallway, from room to room, like the devil himself was chasing after him!
He also "talks" quite a lot! We are always getting scolded for something, or greeted with his certain little "brrrup" sound.

He was born a barn cat, who got lucky and ended up in a luxury, pampered, and spoiled existence! Did I mention, loved as well!! Since his tormentor left, Batman has become much more relaxed. TJ, the dog was like Cato, the little Chinese fellow, on the Pink Panther, who would lay in waiting to jump out at Peter Sellers, and tackle him.

TJ, has moved to Ontario, and has become very spoiled and loved there! What a life he has and so much more fun then us old geezers gave him. More walks, more attention and the love of the neighbourhood!

Today, after a pile of laundry (bedding), off I went with Patricia. She had some shopping to do, so I went along. Had an A&W hamburger and came back home again. It's been freezing out there! I'm wearing the same clothes I've been wearing all Winter!! My feet were freezing in my canvas shoes without socks. Even the plants at the garden center look dismal. No sun and too much water and very cold! This weather is starting to scare me with all the warnings.

Well, that's my blog for tonight. I was going to make bacon and tomato sandwiches, until I mentioned to Patricia about the sign at A&W about them not having any tomato's, when there was a fruit and vegetable stand practically next door. Then Patricia told me about the scare on tomato's with botulism and the news has been full of warnings to not eat any. Apparently the ones on the vine are okay. So those of you that also didn't hear about it....beware!!

No picture of the day tonight, as I've messed up this blog trying to do it a little different, and adding another picture will really throw it out. So, with that, goodnight and see you tomorrow!

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