Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Howdy, howdy howdy! Well for all you working folk, you made it past the middle of the week and only two more days until the weekend!! For us retired folks, it's just another week, speckled with doctor appointments here and there. Ahhhh, isn't getting old grand?

The weather here in Vancouver has improved only slightly. It's not raining..for the moment. Earlier, I had my jeans on and was busy working around here, trying to make some extra space for things and then planted some flowers on the deck, and a whole bunch of other little chores. The sun was shining then and I was sweating! So, I changed and put on my knee high pants. (my memory is getting so bad, I can't even think of the proper name. Tom calls them Floods, but that's not it!) Anyway, since then, the sun disappeared, the clouds are darkening and it's getting close to that bewitching hour where it always seems to rain.

We have a doctor appointment, follow-up for 4:30, and I'm NOT changing. I'll freeze if I have to! Likely I will too!

I was hoping Tom would take me out for dinner after, but he got into the leftover meatloaf and brought me in a piece the size of a hamburger, so there goes dinner out!! Tom loves this meatloaf. It has Stove Top Stuffing mix in it, a chopped apple and 1/2 cup of chutney, and a handful of raisins, plus the other odd normal thing, and it's really good.

I sure don't make meals like I used to do. We eat very light and love our salads, not much meat and lots of fruit. Still I gain weight, and I sure don't bake like I once did! We always had a freezer full of different things to munch on. Those days, just seem to disappear. Another sign of age, I suppose. However, if it's there, I'm the first to shove it into my mouth. I wonder if chocolate becomes less a favourite as we age. I sure can't see that happening here!!

Well, since that last sentence, it's now 7:35pm and we've been to the doctor, and all is well and then we went for dinner! We shared a small pizza which was delicious.
Then home to finish this blog, and I keep trying to add pictures , but the blogger site must be having some sort of difficulty, because nothing will work.
So, I can only bid you a fond farewell and say goodnight, and if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be here tomorrow. (I think that was somebody's parting goodbye on some long ago TV show.)

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