Friday, June 13, 2008


I say in almost every blog, "where has the time gone?" But honestly when I think of how fast the time has flown from when I held this little boy in my arms and cried with joy at my first grandchild. Where did the time go, from when we used to sail kites, play marbles, and play with little cars and trucks and Power Ranger toys? It seems like only yesterday when I bathed him, changed his diapers and rocked him to sleep. When we ran around the yard, soaking each other with water guns, and laughing so hard and loving him so much, I just wanted to hug him to me forever and not let him grow older, but stay the way, he was, cute, blond and with the most wonderful little giggle. There were snowmen we built, we played snakes and ladders, and watched for the Easter bunny and marveled at his enjoyment over all the gifts at Christmas that Grandma just couldn't resist buying for him and his brother.

Then, he grew a little older and I was invited to "show and tell" at school, and I was what he was showing...his Grandma. How special is that! I would tickle his tummy, tell him stories about the birds that lived under his chin, the elephants that lived under his arms and the mouse in his belly button. He'd stay over at night and sleep with me and before bed, there were always stories to read, or ones to make up and always...."just one more please Grandma!"

As Matt grew older, I'd taught him never to cheat at cards, until one time, he caught me cheating (on purpose) and then the fun was on...we didn't trust each other at that game anymore! The game was even more fun now. He learned how to sneak a cheat and his pile of pennies grew, while I went broke!

Time went on and all of a sudden those little shoes I used to put on his feet after kissing his little toes, turned into size 12's! I'd come home from work very tired, walk in and there would be his shoes, like boats, laying by the door and my whole world would light up because he had come to visit and stay the night. Then before taking him to school the next morning, we'd treat ourselves to a big breakfast out.
So many special times between us, most he likely doesn't remember. Some he will, but they will always be vivid in my mind forever.

Matt has turned into a wonderful, well behaved, dependable young man. I'm very, extremely proud of him. He's very athletic, plays almost every sport and has many trophies and awards. He's smart, with good marks at school, well liked and just everything a Grandmother could be proud of.

The only thing I'm sorry for is the last few years, since I moved away and what I've missed. The girlfriends, the accomplishment's he achieved, and how, he has changed into a young man.

I love you Matthew, and Good Luck with College,and you can count on me being there for that graduation! Just remember, to work hard and don't party too much. Watch out comes MATT!!!
Love Grandma and Tom!!

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