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Everyone these days seems caught up in the power of positive thinking. Oprah as set the world on it's heels with first the book "THE SECRET", followed with Eckhart Tolle "A NEW EARTH", then "THE SECRET BEHIND THE SECRET", "The SECRET OF POSITIVE THINKING", and lately "THE SOUL SERIES" and also, "LAW OF ATTRACTION".

Well, to tell you the truth, I've known all about this stuff for a long, long time! Where do you think Tom came from and my wonderful life with him. I was sending my thoughts out to the Universe! Plus a whole lot of prayers that life would bring me something/someone wonderful!

I use to tell my friends, that someday, I'm going to either win a lotto, or something amazingly wonderful was going to happen. I didn't know when or where or what, but I could feel it right down to the bones, without a doubt, it was going to be really fantastic.

And, it has!! It's my wonderful life now! For some reason, I don't have that feeling anymore, because I think it's happened. I still have feelings that "little" good things are going to happen in my life now, and I don't doubt that, I just have faith, a few dreams, and a whole lot of patience.

I did come across a cute little cartoon, that got me thinking about all this. It's the funny side of life coming out in me.

Evil of me eh? Today, we got up really late. The sun was shining finally and falling right across our bed, and it was so lovely and warm and we just kept doing that lovely thing of waking, then napping,and waking again, until the bones began to ache and we had to get up.

Off we went to Dunderave for Tom to get a haircut and I stopped in at my hairdressers to book an appointment in August before the cruise. What a shock....he's retiring at the end of the month! Ohhh noooo!! The whole business in closing down, but his partner said she would take me at the new place she will be working at. It's a good thing I stopped in, or I'd be out of luck with someone brand new, who didn't know what kind of perm I use, and how I liked my hair cut.

I'll think positive that my hair will turn out okay!!!

Then we went our for lunch, where I had LEMONS in my tea, and now there is a big scare on about all the yucky stuff in Lemon! First tomato's, now lemons!! Holy mackerel, what else!

What the heck is going on with this world we live in anymore? Everything is a scare!!

Tom booked tickets to a Mel Brooks musical production called "The Producers" today. It's suppose to be very funny. So, we go in July to see that, and it looks pretty funny!

Well, that's it for tonight, now I'm going to finish off this 2nd Pina Colada that I'm drinking. Goodness it's good!! I picked up a mix at the grocery store and wow, is it good!! Can't drink too many of these, or I'll be back in bed very early and it seems I just got out of bed!!


Unless it's the bag of popcorn I bought today! Whew, it's also very HOT in here at the's not the weather!!!

So, before my fingers start to slip off the computer I better finish this off.

Picture of the Day: Tom in his gift of a Indonesia shirt!

Thought for the day: I'm making my favourite thing for dinner - RESERVATIONS!

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