Saturday, June 14, 2008


HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL DADS Remembering Dad, who passed away in 1991.He stood very tall, was very proud, a giving heart, loving, caring and I'm so happy to have called him my father. Dad, you are missed by Mike, Roxanne, and myself and all your grandchildren and whole family. You would have been proud to see what we've become and the good people we try to be and all we've accomplished. ANOTHER GREAT FATHER

Happy Father's Day to Tom, my wonderful husband and I'm sure his children, Martin and Meredith and all his grandchildren and step grandchildren, agree....he's the best! We love you!!

Another Great Father on my Radar Today
Happy Father's Day to Richard, the father of Matthew and Bradley who are my Grandsons.
Richard has to be the best father ever! Always so much patience, always puts his kids first and just the best guy I know!! So, from Matt and Brad and Me....Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father's Day to Peter, the father of Erica and Sarah, my Granddaughters! The only father I've ever seen to get right down on the floor and play dolls with the girls when they were young. He's a good dad and very loved! Happy Father's Day Peter!!

There are MANY good Father's out there enjoying the love lavished on them today. To all of you, I wish you a Grand Happy Father's Day!!

Sit back, enjoy and have one of these!! On me!!

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